It is time to end the murder of children.

Now is the time to cut Plain Parenthood from the budget, for it is time to end the murder of children.

If anyone does or even support Plain Parenthood them you are the ones that support the murder of children.

These children that are murdered each and everyday have right[s] to live their life with the pursuit of Happiness that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Yet there are groups of people that feel they have the right to murder children.

Groups like the LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender, liberals, democrats, communist, socialist, Muslims, Pro-choice, even those happen to agree and support these group listed above. You know who you are.

The other real fact is Plain Parenthood and Groups like the LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender, liberals, democrats, communist, socialist, Muslims, Pro-choice, even those happen to agree and support these group listed above. You know who you are. love to also sell the body parts of the children that you love to murder for a prophet.

seeing that Plain Parenthood is a murder factory that loves to butcher children to gain a prophet so that they can still be a non-prophet organization and get funded by the United States taxpayers.

Okay by defunding Obamacare will help in those murder factories like Plain Parenthood and their supporters is a start, for now churches that do not agree with the murder of a child can no longer pay for insurance that mandates and require them to be part of the murder factory that Plain Parenthood is, and their supporters too. You know who you are.

It is about time we end the murder of any child. Did you know that over 500,000,000 children are murdered each and every year by places like Plain Parenthood and their supporters. these children are murdered for their body parts.

In truth Plain Parenthood is worst than Hitler, and the rest of the communist and socialist nations that have murdered people since the 1930’s, for Plain Parenthood has murdered more children than any of the butchers of the past.

Well is Plain Parenthood and their supporters very happy that they have done the crime of Mass Murder? Yes they are for they say they are even more happier to even murder more children for their body parts.

What do you think?

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Seeing that Transgender love ideas that come from Obama

Now seeing that transgenders’ love the ideas that even now that the fact that Obama did and is still willing to enforced an Executive Order that all males can or must use the women’s bathroom.

This is one of many Executive Orders that Obama wants to enforce before he leaves office.

Okay this was the one thing that Obama wanted to do in a third term.

Yes the law[s] does State Obama can only serve two terms, but he has been very silence on this issue, for yes he said his farewell address, but there was even hints of him signing an Executive Order that would keep him in office or even a person that would counsel the very communist personal at the UN to come up with law[s] that would make it illegal to be a male.

Now everyone knows that all transgenders’ are sexual immoral and a sexual immorality type of life style.

Now this “Executive Order” would not just be enforced in all government[s] work places of employment, but also in the private sector as well.

Now LGBT, LGBTQ, like this idea for they say this is equal to have equality.

Everyone knows that “claiming” to be transgender is a very phony thing, for there is no such thing as a transgendered person.No cite that is why. Plus the transgender is just a myth and a lie told by all the very liberals that have no idea between reality and make believe.

I have been asking others to even provide just one cite that can even prove transgender is real. as of today not one person can do just that; therefore I am correct to state and say transgender is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Sexual immoral and the sexual immorality life style have no right[s] to have everyone to even be tolerant and to have diversity to their sexual immorality and sexual immoral. It is these very people that are the true haters and they have no right[s] to claim anything about hate and bulling when they are the ones that enjoy being the real life bullies and haters of all things moral.

Yes all LGBT, LGBTQ, and transgender, with same-sex marriages are the threats to sovereignty to the United States of America.

Thank You

I am so very glad that Castro is finally Dead. Jump for joy that Castro is dead.

I will state this that I am personally very glad that Castro is finally dead. I will even say I am jumping for joy that a communist dictate is dead.
In truth as you well know I hate Communism and every human being that is connected to communism and wants communism.
You see communism hates all freedom and liberty, for communism is no more than slavery.
Look at how much the Castro’s has shown us in the United States of America the propaganda and how well the people of Cuba where living. They never showed just how enslaved the people were. Yes it is true that the literacy rate was so very low that everyone could read. Okay but the fact was that according to Castro every Cuban had to read and write say what he wanted the people to say, and that is not freedom of speech.
Castro was a failure, and his style of governing proves that.
Here is a point to those that love both Hillary Clinton and Mr. Obama. These two did love Castro and the way he ruled as a communist leader. Well we can include Jill Stein in the same category as well. She even believed in Communism too. She just wore a mask to cover up the fact that she was a communist lover too.
Castro’s socialized medicine did not work, and both Hillary Clinton and Mr. Obama wanted to model Obamacare the very same way as Castro’s socialized healthcare.
You see the infectious diseases that spread from Communism did come to Cuba under Castro, for Castro is and was the Ebola of communist Cuba.
Note that all the liberals and democrats are the Castro’s of today in America, and there supporter like the transgender, LGBT, LGBTQ,cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, boys wearing girls clothing, girls wearing boys clothing, boys wanting to use girls bathrooms locker rooms or changing rooms, same-sex marriages or those who support this immoral lifestyle, sexual immoral, sexual immorality, perverts love communism, Lisbon’s’ and gays that want to raise children and their supports, those who love incest and bestiality, and so forth.
Yes those listed above are sad that their leader Castro is dead.
Amen that Castro is dead and now in Hell where he will be gnashing his teeth and whiling, whereby he will be tormented forever and ever. Say Amen. Amen.

Steven Hawking and the liberals are the great fools on the earth

Now there are liberals who say human beings will not last for another 1,000 years on the earth.
A liberal by the name of Steven Hawking say that human beings will not exist or last for a 1,000 more years on the earth.
Even Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior even said that He does not know when the end will come. So where does those that are liberals like Steven Hawking say or even can give a date to the end of human life on the face of the earth to be about 1,000 years?
In truth the liberals like Steven Hawking just go by what is called a theory, and to define a theory is to tell a lie or a myth as a story. Another words this is no more that a fictional or a made up story like a fair-tale.
Now they claim Steven Hawking is has claimed to be a genus of some type.
Okay in truth Steven Hawking maybe a man without any integrity or any truth, for as far as us Christians can see him to be not having any faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior. The fact is no liberal on the face of the earth has any faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. How we can answer that and the facts that can back up that claim is this Does Satan the first and real liberal have any faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior.
Steven Hawking is no genus when it comes to make a claim that us human beings will not be alive and us human beings will no longer exist on the face of the earth.
The question that should be asked is this what proof, truth, or facts does he have in order to make this statement?
Now see that a theory is no more than a lie well then his theory is a lie.
Here is what Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior told us. Now please open your Bibles to Matthew 24:36, “36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son,[a] but the Father only.”
If you notice Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior said He did not know. Yet at the same time He said “only the Father knows.” So is Steven Hawking and the rest of the liberals in more knowledge and know more that God our Heavenly Father?
So now here is what God our Heavenly Father has told us and please keep your Bibles open to Matthew 24:36 and now turn to for the answer to just when the end will come.Revelation 22:13, “13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Yes some say this refers to Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior, but always keep in mind the Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savor and God our Heavenly Father are the same.So is the Holy Spirit that same as God our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior. This means trinity three in one. There is no liberal or Steven Hawking even mentioned here as part of the Alpha and the Omega nor any other human being at all. Satan is not even mentioned here at all. There is no theory even mentioned here ether. there are no words of a 1,000 year mentioned here ether. So where does Steven Hawking and the liberals come up with their theories and other claims come from? the answer is FEAR.
Yes it is FEAR and the FEAR that they will die without any HOPE. You see globe worming and we need climate control does come from is just plan old fashion idea of FEAR. Satan even loves to us FEAR as well to get people to sin and not to believe in God and uses FEAR to keep you away from Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Say Amen. Amen.
FEAR put worry into your heart and mind. It is Steven Hawking and the liberals FEAR that is giving them their worries and why they love to use globe worming, and we need climate control.
It is this FEAR and worry that means that liberals like Steven Hawking are not geniuses at all.
You know what? It would be nice to see Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior come now and end all human live on the face of the earth right now. Say Amen. Amen. But if you noticed I said it would be nice, and I did not give a date and time like the liberals and Steven Hawking has done or anyone else that would do just that. Now I am waiting for the day of Glory and Honor to come so that my tears are whipped away. So that I can be with Him forever and ever. Say Amen. Amen. That is everlasting life. Say Amen. Amen.
Now as you have noticed I have only called the liberals like Steven Hawking that claim to be a genus a rel great fools, and not my fellow believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior as fool, for you are all geniuses in having faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Say Amen geniuses. Amen.
A true genius will not say that the end of human life will end in 1,000 year or even give a date when God will come to end all life on the earth, for we just do not know. Just be ready for this date when God our Heavenly Father will end the life on the earth. Say Amen. Amen.
Yes it is truth that us Christians can look forward to that day when our Heavenly Father will show His Glory, and His Grace, Peace, Love and Joy, and that great day of His Glory and to be with Him forever and ever. and the end has come. Say Amen. Amen. Say Glory be to the Heavenly Father. Amen. For He is the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last. Say Amen. Amen.
Now you know people like Steven Hawking and people like the liberals are all wrong when they give out a date and fear thing like globe worming or we need climate control. You also now know that it is the liberals and people like Steven Hawking that also worry about the end and they have no faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.
Is Jesus Christ your Lord and personal Savior? Now would be the time to get down on your knees and ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and personal Savior before the end. Amen.

Now is the time for Transgenders to confess that you are wrong.

Seeing that the transgender movement is the second civil war here in the United States of America. It is time that those who support or even claim the very phony idea that they are a transgender is real and they need special right[s] is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Being an LGBT and LGBTQ is just as phony as the transgender idea that is the real cause for the second civil war.

Okay you that are LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender and their supports love war, and I get that.

Now you are the true destroyer of life, liberty, freedom, the family. everything that is good, moral, mortality, marriage between just one man and one woman only,haters of life, you are haters of integrity, You are lovers of communism, and all Marxism, you hate government, you hate education, you hate the gender of your birth,you are despicable, you are all perverts, you are the destroyers of life it self, you are bigots, you are predigest, fools , foolish, lets face it you are all evil. Transgenders along with the LGBT, LGBTQ are the worst of all as human beings.

This fact is truth about each and everyone of you is that you are the real problems and your hate does show up on the net work news source that we see every night.

None of you belong in the United States military, or even in the work force or even seen in any public event.

You need no special right[s] at all. what you need is to listen and look at your heinous crimes that you have committed.

Shame on you telling boys that it is okay to say that they are born in the wrong body, and to say that those boys are to be allowed to wear female clothing, or to tell their parents that it is okay to dress and shame their sons into thinking it is okay to be a girl.

Shame on you to tell a boy that it is okay that the boy can use the girl or ladies bathroom to pee in and say it is okay for you say the boy is not a pervert like you are.

Shame on you for telling a girl that it is okay to wear boys clothing and to pretend to be a boy, and to say that the girl was born in the wrong body. Telling their parents that it is okay for their daughters to be a boy and to even use the boys bathroom like a boy would and to stand up to pee.

Yes the civil war is on and if you want to stop the civil war then you have to change your evil ways as liberals and to confess that you are wrong.

By the way same-sex marriage is just as evil and wrong as the transgender, LGBT, LGBTQ, for you should never be accepted as a married couple, and you do not have the same right[s] as a married couple that is between just one man and one woman only.

Listen LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender and those who support them and their ideas are lovers of both incest and bestiality and would like to have this form of sexual immoral and sexual immorality legal and away of life, plus they love to promote it even in the schools as good.

You want to even what you call bulling, then quit promoting and flaunting your perverted way of life and get back to living life with both moral and morality, for your way of life is so immoral and is a sexual immorality way of living.

This truth is so very clear that all liberals are true lovers of communism and Marxism, for they enjoy what Hitler promoted and taught you.


Can boys wear feminine clothing?

In truth there are many that would say yes because a girl can wear boys’ clothing and not one thing is said about that.

Yes it is true that even as far back as the 1800’s in United States history boys have been wearing dresses as a fashionable for even FDR even wore a dress up to a certain age.

But when it comes to even thinking about a boy wearing a dress there is a division among the people here is the United States of America, and it is to the point of becoming a civil war.

Are dresses and skirts just for girls and women to wear only?

If so them that is fine if you think that way, but if you think a boy should be allowed to wear ether a dress or skirt then why are you trying to force and dictate to others that they must allow these things to happen and just accept it? Why are you dictating to those that do not like the idea of a boy or it is okay for a boy to wear a dress or skirt?

You see the dictation over this issue does come from the ones that claim to be a liberal type of person.

Now it comes the very question if you think a boy should be allowed to wear ether a dress or skirt then what about the same type of undergarments for a boy to wear?

You see you cannot have it both ways at all. That is why this one issue is in matter of fact the real down fall of the United States of America and the U.S.Const.amend.I

You see the civil war is not about blacks being freed, but boys wanting to wear ether a dress or a skirt just like a girl.

Yes all feminist love the idea of having boys and men wearing dresses or skirts only, for this would be equal to have equality, for that is what they want. Liberals want the very same thing as well. Now is this being equal to have equality to have boys and men wearing dresses or skirts only? Or just plain foolishness?

You see now you have to make a choice and you have to choose whether or not you want men or boys wearing dresses or skirts? Or not?

Here is the other part of this.

When you go shopping for clothing do you just want to see no more men or boys clothing at all?

Okay now if you want to see boys and men wearing dresses or skirts then you have better say so and you have better make sure that the men and boys you know are wearing ether a dress or skirt only all the time.

Do you want to see the school dress codes to read as the following.

Every boy and every girl must ether wear a dress or skirt to school only and if not the boy or girl will be expelled from school for ever and ever.

You tell me what you want to see boys and men wearing dresses or skirts? I will wait for your answer.

Thank you

Seeing that the real facts and proof is that Transgender is pure phony

I would have to agree that all transgender people and those who happen to agree with the phony lie about being born in the wrong body like a transgender would claim has and will divide this once free nation, and is the real cause for the second civil war.

No human being that does disagree with the phony lie and those that are lairs saying transgender is real and told they must serve then in making a wedding cake or catering a party for the very phony transgender idea. should never be told they must cater to them even if they happen to disagree with transgender or same-sex marriage.

Note that I am going to use this as a example and only a example.

A boy is not born in the wrong body and his parents are wrong by even making such a preposterous and insane plus phony claim that they son should of been boy as a girl.

To make this claim means that these are real bad parents and should never  even raise the boy, and that boy should be removedfrom his parents for they are teaching him very ridiculous idea that their son should be raised as a girl.

That is correct here is no proof and the is a cite that can back up the claim the boy has and the parents of the boy has by saying he was born in the wrong body.

Liberal parents like those that make a claim that their son was born in the wrong body does show that all liberals can make a claim without any proof, for all they need is hearsay by another human being that would have no real proof of their claims. This is why all liberals love to listen to fantastic lies and all mythology as their proof. This also means all liberals hate integrity like Hillary Clinton does and every democrat would does as well.

Now a boy should never wear a dress or any girls clothing or they should never use the girls bathroom or locker room even a girls changing room. You see it is the parents of the boy that is teaching the boy to be a rapist, sex criminal (pervert) whereby that boy will do and commit sex crime or he will commit to do incest or even bestiality too. Yes that is what the parents or teach their son[s] to do. That is why this is bad parenting.

No the parents and their son claim they are being bullied. Well that is so very wrong, and yes the parents and their son are the real bullies, for it is their hate that shows up. I would even go as far as to say I am being hated by those that agree with the phony and ridiculous idea of claiming to be born in the wrong body, and they are even afraid of replying to this blog too.

I will say if someone does reply to this blog I would be surprised, for the liberals love to run and hide and not even back up their claims and they hate facts, and all proof that show they are lairs and are lying too.

Note all liberals do not know the meaning of the word love and they always will refuse to even know or learn the meaning of the word

love, for there is four words that are the real meaning to the word love, and the hint is from the Greek will define the word love by the way.

Finally a boy is not born as a girl.