Four Progressive Steps Into Apostasy

Four Progressive Steps Into Apostasy

​Date:        July 2, 2018
​Mike Gendron is the founder and director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry. Mike was a devout Roman Catholic for 34 years and was taught to rely upon the authority of the church above all else. Mike searched the Scriptures and was amazed to find that what he read in Scripture contradicted the teaching and tradition of the church he had been a part of for so long. He trusted Jesus as his Savior and now the Bible has become his sole authority in all matters of faith.
To set the tone, Mike began by defining what is meant by the term, ‘apostasy’. Mike noted that the Bible defines it as a departure from the apostolic faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.

Mike also described how this is not something new. It’s been happening for 2,000 years as two streams of Christianity have operated side-by-side ever since Jesus began building his Church in the 1st century.

Born again Christians don’t have to fear apostasy. They are sealed by the Holy Spirit who is the deposit guaranteeing their eternal inheritance. However, for those who profess Christianity but have never been born-again, they are prone to deception as they have little discernment. We saw the first occurrence of this in the life of Judas.

Mike sees apostasy as being on the increase, which shouldn’t surprise us because Jesus said that growing deception would be one of the signs of his return. Included in this deception are false teachers, false prophets and false christs. The ultimate apostasy will be when the antichrist goes into the temple at the mid-year of the tribulation period and declares himself to be God.

From there, Mike took listeners through the 4 steps of apostasy.

The first one involves defection from the Word of God. This takes place when churches, denominations, seminaries or individuals no longer submit to the supreme authority of God’s Word for faith and practice.

Sometimes this happens through TV evangelists, through heretical books, or following traditions of men and even psychology. Sometimes it happens when pastors see they’re not getting the church growth they hoped for so they throw away God’s blueprint for building His church.

Those trying to defend the faith are often looked at as divisive, intolerant or unloving. This can lead to false teachers who aren’t exposed for who they are. At that point, doctrinal error and sin begin to be tolerated. Pastors are called not only to feed the sheep but to protect the flock as well. They need to be exhorting their people to be aware of the wolves that surround the church and even name names so that others will not fall to deception.

Those who resist are asked to leave. This is a sign that that particular church is moving toward the next step. Review this important Crosstalk broadcast to find out what’s involved in the final two steps so that you can avoid apostasy and help others do the same.

More Information:

Mike has a DVD containing 2 messages: The first is ‘False Converts in the Church’ and the second is ‘Witnessing for the Glory of God’. He also has a gospel tract called: ‘True Faith or False Hope—How can I be Sure?’ Normally the DVD is $15 but is available to Crosstalk listeners for $12 (includes the tract). Go to click on ‘store’, then ‘video messages’. You can also call the ministry at 1-817-379-5300.


School District Violates Parental Rights

From one of my news sources that you will not read or see from a liberal news source like CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, or even read it in the Washington Post.


School District Violates Parental Rights
EMMAUS, Penn., June 29, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ — Liberty Counsel has demanded that the East Penn School District immediately provide parents with the specific links to the four YouTube videos the district showed to more than 2,000 students at Emmaus High School on the school TV system. The district showed the videos, which promoted homosexuality, same-sex “marriage” and gender dysphoria, to the students as part of the district’s “Unity Week” and promotion of GLSEN’s “Day of Silence.”

GLSEN is a political activist organization and the nation’s largest homosexual advocacy group focused on promoting same-sex sexual activity and gender confusion to public school students as young as kindergarten. The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is the student activism arm of GLSEN.

The school district denied parent requests for the video links, stating the videos “were pulled from YouTube and other online sources by the students in our GSA club and sent to the TV studio as part of their ‘Day of Silence’ project.” The district’s attorney advised “that these videos cannot be sent to [parents], because they are part of a student project,” despite the district playing the videos for all students. Parents are left to try to find the videos on their own based on descriptions of the video content provided by the school district, and descriptions of the video content as related by their children:

Video 1 – Entitled “9 Questions Gay People Have About Straight People.”

Video 2 – A CBS News story clip promoting “gender fluidity.”

Video 3 – A compilation of clips promoting same-sex “marriage,” including footage of people “coming out” as homosexual to their loved ones, clips of celebrities “coming out,” clips from same-sex “weddings” and footage of legislative sessions discussing same-sex “marriage.”

Video 4 – Entitled “Show your pride. Share your love,” described by children to their parents as encouraging them to embrace the homosexual lifestyle.

Liberty Counsel is demanding not only the links of these videos, but all public records relating to the 2018 event. The district required the high school students to view these videos, without prior notice to their parents or an opportunity to opt-out, which is a violation of parental rights. Denying parents’ requests for the specific video links is an attempt to avoid accountability.

“The East Penn School District has violated parents’ rights and must release the links to the four videos and all public records regarding ‘Unity Week’ and ‘Day of Silence’ immediately,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Parents have the right to know the exact nature of the special-interest propaganda their children have been subjected to when at school,” said Staver.

Liberty Counsel is an international nonprofit, litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics.

What do you think? It is your turn to reply.

Thank You

Tolerance and Diversity

Tolerance and Diversity

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and personal savior be with you always.


Our sermon today is based on the fact that us human beings are made in the image of God, which means; when God first made Adam then took Eve out of Adam. The meaning a reality is seeing that the image of God is to be Holy and Righteous. Yet the problem is all human being are not Holy and Righteous at the time we are conceived in our mother’s womb a so very evil sinner. God is not tolerant and has no diversity to any and all sins.


In order to be Holy and Righteous there is no room to be even tolerant or have any diversity to sin.


God cannot sin, that means God cannot have tolerance or any diversity, for it is a sin to have any tolerance and diversity, because it would be a sin if God does have any tolerance and diversity.

See that tolerance and diversity is so very evil, and evil is a sin.


Now open your Bibles to Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”


“So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him” It is here where we can see that God created us human beings Holy and Righteous meaning without sin. That does mean us human being should never and must not even tolerate and have diversity to the evil sins of the world.


Now there is no way for any human being to even be righteous and Holy like God is unless we as human being Repent and believe in God’s Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior. That is, it, for there is no other way, for He is the Truth, The Light, and the Way to God.


You cannot even save yourself, for you will fall short of the glory of God, for your good works will not even get you to be Holy and Righteous, for it is by grace and only grace that you are saved.  It is the grace that comes from God that is our salvation.


Now it is these people who say God is tolerant and has diversity to them and there so very evil of sin, plus they use the words of a occult leader who is the Pope. The Pope says there is nothing wrong with their so very evil sin and that we have to be tolerant and have diversity to the sin of the LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims, and do this all in the name of peace, and love for one another.


Is that amazing that we are to do just what a sinner like the Pope says.


The Pope who cannot even forgive people from their own sins, for he cannot even forgive himself from his so very evil sins and does not tolerate and have diversity to Jews and Christians.


The Pope is a liberal and believes in communism himself, and all liberals and communist hate God, Jews and Christians.


Communist hate freedom, liberty, and anything that does invalid being a individual, ownership of property, for a communist says there must be full control over all human being.


This is also true about the Pope he loves to see every human being as a slave just like all communist do.


The LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims love to see all human beings as a slave too, for they say all human beings and God must be tolerant and have diversity to them and their way of life. They call this to be equal to have equality, plus this will bring about peace.


They even say with tolerance and diversity will mean they can have full control over all human beings in the world.


Now that does sound like being a slave to me, does that sound like slavery to you too?


I hope so, for if they get their way we would be no greater than a slave. A slave to tolerance and diversity.


Feminist and the LGBTQ people are the main cause of all the idea of tolerance and diversity and they did not make this idea up at all by themselves, for it was the Devil who gave them the idea of tolerance and diversity the same way he told Eve in order to get her to sin.  Then Adam bought into the very same idea in order to sin.


Yes, Eve was the very first feminist and all feminist would love to be like Eve.


Eve was the very first human being to be a liberal, the Devil was the first angel to be a liberal too.


A liberal is a hater of Truth and God is the only Truth; therefore all liberals hate Jews and Christians, because we will not tolerate and have diversity to there so very evil way of sins like the LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims do.

The LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims say we do not love them because of our faith in God and they mandate and require Men of God are to rewrite the Bible in order to please them like the Pope has done, for what the Pope has done is blasphemy and sin that God will not forgive.


In matter of fact tolerance and diversity is a sin that God will not forgive.


When you go against God He will not listen to you, and He will not tolerate and have diversity to you.


Now the so very evil LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims will say God does love them. There is truth in that saying, but these people refuse to read or willing to understand that what God has said is He loves the world and it is His desire to have all human being pure Holy and Righteous like He is, for He is Holy and Righteous. The love god has for us human being is the payment of our sins is death and the shedding of blood as the full payment of our sins by a pure Holy and Righteous human being.


There is no human being that is found to be Holy and Righteous on the face of the earth and this even includes the Pope.


By the way the Pope would not shed his blood on a cross and die for your sins. No sinner can do this. Now there is only one that can be the sacrifice that is willing to die and shed His Blood by dying on a cross for the full payment of all your sins. He is Jesus Christ who is our Lord and personal Savior.


In order to be found by God and to be found Holy and Righteous like God are those human beings that Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. He is God.


God became a human being so that He could be tempted and face everything that we as human beings could, but He did not sin and was found to be Holy and Righteous by God; therefore, God did accept the shedding of His blood and His death as the full payment of our sins. This means the grace that comes from God and the peace that comes from God is His one and only Son who is Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.


The meaning of all of this is God is not even and will never tolerate and have any diversity to your sins even the sins of the LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims, plus the sins of the Pope.


Seeing that tolerance and diversity is a sin; therefore, God cannot sin and will never sin.


To those like the LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims who are trying to force every human being on the face of the earth by mandating and making it mandatory or a requirement there be tolerance and diversity and is that all you believe then God will send you to Hell where there is no peace, no love, just your whaling and gnashing of your teeth in darkness separated from God forever and ever. And to the one man that said there is an entrance and exit from Hell. Well you will find out that there is no exit and no way out of Hell. You are there forever and ever without any hope. Well you are wrong if you think you can leave Hell.


God does not wish or desire to have any human being in Hell, for that is why He gave you the freedom and liberty to choose and to choose this day who you will serve. The is correct your salvation is up to you whether you Repent and believe in His Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior or not.


Repent means to turn away from your sin. You do this by first confessing all your sins to God even the so very evil sin of be a LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims. Asking God to help guide you to Him by sending the Holy Ghost to be with you, by first Believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. That means you are to run away from being a LGBTQ, feminist, transgender, same-sex married couples, liberals, democrats, plus the one who want to kill you the so very evil Islamic Muslims. Yes, even these so very evil people can Repent all their sins and have the grace of God.


Okay what about the Pope?


Yes, he has to do the very same thing too just like ever other human being, but I feel that seeing that the Pope has lead to many human beings astray from God and has done what he has done. There is no way he will repent, plus God will hold him to be accountable and God will hold him responsible for leading people away from God; therefore, God will send him to Hell to be with the Devil, for the Pope is doing and saying things just like the Devil is doing. I am sure that the Pope will be in Hell waling and gashing his teeth, plus the Pope will receive over ten times the greater punishment that He has given to those who refused to Repent of all their sins. The Pope caused others to sin and God will deal with the Pope that way.


Now you know God has no tolerance and diversity, and we as human beings are not to have any tolerance and diversity. Amen.

May the peace that comes from God be with you always. And the peace that has surpassed all human understanding give you peace. Amen.


Go in peace my fellow human being. Amen.

Schools Give Permission the Slip-on Sex Ed

Schools Give Permission the Slip-on Sex Ed
June 26, 2018
Most Americans have probably never heard of Fairfax County, Virginia — but their children could be the next victims of its latest policy. That’s because the tenth largest school district in the country rewrote the rules on sex ed – and the LGBTQ activists who helped are about to take the model everywhere.
It was one of the fiercest debates that most locals had ever seen. Parents, furious that they’d been left out of such a controversial subject, flooded the public comment lines with objections. No, they didn’t want their young children learning that gender is something you choose, biological sex is meaningless, and daily gay sex pills PrEP can help prevent HIV. And that’s just the LGBTQ portion of the lesson! There were other, more graphic explanations of “healthy” sex acts and ways of pleasuring one’s self that didn’t exactly have the ringing endorsement of concerned moms and dads.
The lessons are so radical that the word “marriage,” FRC’s Cathy Ruse (and resident Virginian) points out, doesn’t appear even once. “The sex-ed curriculum advisory committee that is responsible for drafting the lessons is supposed to be made up of stakeholders, namely parents. Any curriculum it devises must reflect ‘broad-based community involvement.’ These are mandates from the Virginia Department of Education,” she writes. And yet the 40-member committee is made up of “mostly of people on the county payroll, not parents.”
One outside voice who seemed to have more authority than anyone was the national Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Alliance (GLSEN). In a Washington Post puff piece that focuses on how important these extremist curriculums are (and ignores the public outcry), GLSEN admits that it was using Fairfax to pave the way for a broader onslaught. Northern Virginia, says local GLSEN co-chair David Aponte, served as a “laboratory” for its LGBTQ school policies. And local children are the rats.
One board member, Tom Wilson, made a last-ditch effort that schools should have to “obtain written permission before exposing students to this kind of sex-ed.” But the majority of the board refused. “Board member Pat Hynes said it would be too much of an administrative burden, and the parents in the audience erupted with yells. One mom stood and shouted, ‘You require it for field trips!’ She was ignored. Board member Elizabeth Schultz ran down a long list of things kids need permission slips for, course selections, prescription medication, even music class.” Apparently, Cathy writes, “you need your mom’s permission to learn the oboe but not to learn about oral sex.”
Despite the county’s record-shattering 1,300 comments — 83 percent of which opposed the policy — the school board marched ahead with GLSEN, voting 10-1 to ignore parents and force their own twisted ideas of sexuality on innocent and impressionable kids. I don’t know about you, but as a dad, the idea that I wouldn’t have control over what my children are learning at school is absolutely unacceptable. Parents – not teachers, state legislatures, school boards, or outside groups – should be the ultimate authority on what their kids learn and when. But, because of radical influences like GLSEN, teenagers growing up in Christian homes could be morally compromised because their parents don’t know what they’re hearing in class.
The moral of the Fairfax County story is a simple one: if your children are in government schools (a) consider the alternatives; or (b) pay very close attention to what kind of sex ed your child’s school is teaching. You might even consider running for your local school board so that you can have an even greater influence on the content. Either way, don’t let local bureaucrats rob you of your responsibility in an area that can make so much difference in a child’s future. The only way schools can really keep parents in the dark is if we let them.
My Blog:
This shows how far the LGBTQ community is willing to go as far to corrupt and to have all your children become perverted like they are and to expose them to a sexual immorality lifestyle. It even shows just how much the liberals and democrats are the true haters of the family and the moral lifestyle. This even shows just how much the LGBTQ hates the proper education of a child in sex-education; whereby they are going all out to mandate that schools teach children to yes, “pleasuring one’s self” or to have a sexual immoral relationship with a person of the same gender verses a sexual relationship just between a marriage couple which is just one man and one woman only just in order to produce children according to the way God wants us to do.

To expose a child to pornography like the LGBTQ desire to have your children learn at all Public schools.
It is for the reasons why you have school shooting is because of the LGBTQ promotion of pornography as the way to teach your child about sex-ed.
Accurse you have people like Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders and their communist idea of “It takes a local Community to raise a child verse the parents and grandparents.” They are referring to having the child removed from their parents and placed in a place whereby the parents could not see or go to their parents for any guidance. The LGBTQ community and the liberals and democrats have and are indorsing this idea. This is the real proof of the hate these types of people hate the family. Feminist happen to go along with this idea too and yes, feminist are the head cheerleaders in the promotion of this idea and here is why.
All and every feminist hate all males and love the ideas of the LGBTQ agenda.
This is the truth about Feminist LGBTQ people liberals and democrats. There hate is so much that they say you cannot be a male, for it is against to the law just to be a male, for they even go as far to say the male gender does not even exist and must not exist, for that is the reason why the elimination of the men’s bath room, men’s locker room, men’s changing rooms. Their agenda is to remove the word men’s and replace it with all genders bathrooms, all gender locker room, all gender changing room with no locks on the doors plus no dividers for any and all privacy. In a nutshell they are saying every human being has the very same gender, and it matters not, and now that is why the feminist are saying equality to be equal even more than the LGBTQ liberals and democrats. Their even pushing that men can no longer wear any clothing that is made for a man to wear only, and everybody should wear a dress or skirt in order to be equal to have equality.
If you would even notice that this policy to have sex-ed in all public schools the way the LGBTQ and liberals and democrats’ feminists want is so very evil and wrong to even expose a child to pornography and take the child away from the parent is pure wrong.
Now if you have the desire to respond you may even if you are a liberal, democrat, LGBTQ, or even a feminist, and yes, I would like to hear from you, well all of you that is okay. I would like to hear from parents every where in this nation especially about what you think about having your child learn about sex-ed from watching and learning from pornography, or even taken away from you because you oppose this idea or type of education.
Thank You.

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Queen’s cousin to be first royal in same-sex marriage – and his ex-wife is giving him away

Now that Harry and Meghan Markle are married and everybody in the UK went nuts and had a huge so very dumb worship of this weeding that cast the British taxpayers a ridicules amount of money, for something that a true America does not even care about or a true conservative, for who cares about the royal family? Plus, their so very evil liberal/communist way of life.


Okay, a sane-sex marriage is not a marriage at all and should never even be recognized as a marriage and will never be even recognized as a union of people, for a same-sex marriage is a violation of the institution of marriage.   


The institution of marriage is to be between just one man and one woman only. Not between two men or two women like in this news article I found below.


This article does show how sick and so very evil minded the LGBTQ community is and will also be sick minded and so very evil.


Okay, I in truth do not care about the royal family or the people of the UK. This even includes the British Government. I am a true American and believe in freedom and liberty, and the British people hate freedom and liberty. I do not like the liberal/communist way of life.


Now this is even going to be bigger headlines than Harry and Megan, and even celebrated by you weird and anti-Americans like you who are the so very evil LGBTQ, and you who believe in the phony same-sex marriage which is a violation of the institution of marriage that is for just one man and one woman only.


No man can be a bride and a wife, plus no woman can be a groom and be a husband.


this is truth that no LGBTQ or phony same-se married couple should never be allowed to even care or adopt any and all children too, for these types of people are pure haters or life, and live sexual immoral lifestyle.


Lord Ivar Mountbatten is a pervert that is living a sexual immoral lifestyle. Queen Elizabeth II is also a very sick minded and allowing her cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten to even think about or allowing Lord Ivar Mountbatten’s violation of marriage.


Same-sex marriage is adultery and a violation, plus is a crime too.


Now that you read this blog and news article it is your turn to respond to the blog and news article too.


Thank You    



Queen’s cousin to be first royal in same-sex marriage – and his ex-wife is giving him away


If you thought American Meghan Markle was an unprecedented royal bride, wait until you hear about the wedding plans for Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, who’s set to become the first royal in history to enter into a same-sex marriage.

His ex-wife, mother of his three children, will walk him down the aisle at the ceremony this summer. And everybody with an HRH before their name seems to be pretty cool about it.

No doubt about it, the members of the British royal family, who once clutched their pearls at the thought of even meeting a divorced person let alone marrying one (Prince Harry married divorced American actress Markle on May 19), have well and truly entered the 21st century.

Here’s the quick summary of the ancestry of Ivar Mountbatten, 55:  He is related to the royal Windsors because they are all descended from Queen Victoria. (He’s a great-great-great grandson.) Thus, he is a distant cousin to the queen, a closer cousin to her husband, Prince Philip, and the nephew of Lord Louis “Uncle Dickie” Mountbatten, who helped get Elizabeth and Philip together, who was a beloved mentor to Prince Charles and who was killed in an IRA bombing in Ireland in 1979.

Ivar Mountbatten, a farmer and trained geologist, was married in 1994 to Penelope Vere Thompson, 52. They are the parents of three daughters, ages 22, 20 and 15. They had a largely happy marriage but divorced in 2011 over his secret sexuality.

In 2016, he came out publicly as a gay man in a relationship with James Coyle, an airline cabin-services director whom he met at a Swiss ski resort popular with members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II leaves St George’s Chapel after attending the annual Garter Ceremony in Windsor Castle on June 18, 2018. (Photo: STEVE PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images)

Word of his wedding plans has been circulating in the British media for months but over the weekend, Mountbatten, Coyle and Penny Mountbatten were interviewed about their unconventional family by The Daily Mail, complete with pictures of the trio looking deliriously happy.

On Twitter, the story was greeted with approval by advocates for gay people.




UK royal family will have its first #samesexmarriage. Lord Ivar Mountbatten, cousin to the Queen, will marry James Coyle later this year. Mountbatten’s ex-wife is supportive and will give him away at the wedding. … #LGBT #MarriageEquality

1:25 PM – Jun 16, 2018

UK Royal family’s first gay wedding: Lord Ivar Mountbatten to wed James Coyle

The Queen’s cousin, son of the 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven to be given away by ex-wife Penny.



The two men plan to marry later this summer in the private chapel on Mountbatten’s country estate in Devon near the village of Uffculme. They agreed to an interview because they want the public announcement of the first same-sex marriage in the extended royal family to be handled with “dignity.”

“We really are a funny threesome,” said Lord Ivar as he showed writer Rebecca Hardy into a drawing room. “Not in that way!” he adds laughing as the rest look bemused.

Penny Mountbatten, who has an events-planning business in London, is so on board about the marriage she’s going to give her ex away at the ceremony. “It was the girls’ idea,” she said in her first interview on the subject. “It makes me feel quite emotional. I’m really very touched.”

She said her former husband is a changed man, and for the better, since he came out. “James is hugely responsible for that because he’s so much fun,” she said. “Ivar is so much more relaxed these days. He’s so much kinder.”


News that you will not see on the fake news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, or any other type of liberal news like the fake news you get from the ones listed above.

News that you will not see on the fake news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, or any other type of liberal news like the fake news you get from the ones listed above.
News Roundup
Date: June 22, 2018
Democrats were not impressed with Trump’s signing of the executive order. They turned their focus to the indefinite imprisonment of families.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is exploring the possibility of using DNA tests to verify the parentage of illegal alien adults who attempt to cross into the U.S. with children.
Illegal immigrants are increasingly posing with children who are not their own in order to obtain expedited entrance into the U.S.
The Obama administrated prosecuted nearly half a million illegals at the border.
CNN host Brooke Baldwin exposed by National Border Patrol Council Spokesman Chris Cabrera.
The Department of Homeland Security blasted major U.S. airlines for hastily restricting cooperation with immigration authorities.
A 6-year-old Costa Rican boy rescued by U.S border patrol agents after he was abandoned on a border road in Arizona on Tuesday evening.
Melania Trump calls Secret Service after actor Peter Fonda threatened to kidnap Barron Trump.
An Occupy Wall Street group posted a photo on Twitter showing what to do when you encounter an ICE agent. The instructions involve the killing of such agents while pledging to go after their families.
Nebraska ANTIFA tweeted out a list of the identities of more than 1,500 ICE agents.
A Florida man is behind bars for allegedly threatening to murder the children of a Republican congressman amid the national debate over immigration policy.
The U.S. is withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council due to chronic bias against Israel.
In a low-tech form of terrorism, Hamas operatives have launched thousands of incendiary kites and helium balloons into Israel that have caused considerable damage.
The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 1992 ruling giving states the authority to force online retailers to collect sales tax in states where they have no physical presence.
The Justice Department suffers a digital-age defeat at the Supreme Court which sided with the privacy rights of cell phone users in the dispute over law enforcement’s tracking of people.
The Supreme Court ruled narrowly against a group of democratic voters in Wisconsin who challenged the state’s redistricting maps as being unconstitutional, partisan gerrymandering.
A federal judge has struck down a Kansas law requiring voters to prove they are citizens, even after she admitted that to register to vote you have to be a U.S. citizen.
President Trump is directing the Department of Defense to create a new space force to be the 6th branch of the U.S. military.
No fewer than 60 organizations branded as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center are considering legal action against them.

The LGBTQizing of Sports

The LGBTQizing of Sports


Date:       June 19, 2018

Steve Mc Conkey is the president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, a sports ministry that takes a stand for Christian athletes and encourages athletes to defend Christianity.

Steve began by noting how there’s no testosterone test for numerous women’s athletic events. In the case of the Olympics, he indicated that there’s been victory in the last few months because the Olympic committee took up the recommendation to lower the testosterone levels which will make it harder for transgenders to compete. Unfortunately, in events at the high school level or even in the Boston Marathon, an athlete can just declare that they’re a woman or man and compete with no testing parameters whatsoever.

Steve then mentioned the Connecticut State Open Track and Field Championships. 2 individuals had a great day but they both identified as transgender. They are biologically male but competed as females.

While human rights activists praise this advance in so-called LGBTQ rights, parents of high school students are beginning to stand up against this. The concern is over the rights of biological girls that are defeated in such circumstances. They’ve trained year after year only to be beaten by a biological male who wishes to identify as a female. Not only are records shattered, but these girls can have their college scholarship dreams shattered, once again, simply because a biological male decides he wants to declare himself a female.

​What about professional sports? This year we’re seeing the largest number of Major League Baseball teams that are promoting homosexuality at LGBTQ pride nights.
Pride flags can be unfurled and homosexuals can also be seen kissing via stadium ‘kiss cams’.

The New York City Pride Parade takes place this weekend. For the first time ‘Outsports’ is reporting that the NFL and Major League Baseball will be participating.

Also, this Thursday (June 21st) the Minnesota Vikings will become the first NFL team to host a summit on LGBTQ inclusion. It will include panels featuring gay, lesbian and transgender athletes and coaches.

More Information:

Minnesota Vikings Contact Information
4 Winds Christian Athletics


Yes, this does prove and it has been proven that LGBTQ along with transgenderism, the phony same-sex marriage idea, plus you who are feminist goes afar how to scam and be a scammer that you are. You have all the hate you wish to give up, for you even hate the truth; therefore, you and only you love to tell a lie in order not to be fair even in athletics companion.


In the case of the Minnesota Vikings well there are now the worst NFL team in the world by even supporting any and all LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, and even feminisms plus all sexual immorality plus sexual immoral ideas.

Now when you have perverts like you who are LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, and even feminisms plus all sexual immorality plus sexual immoral ideas you can see how so very sick minded these types of people are, and why I refuse to even hire anyone of these types of perverted people. I even refuse to say anything good about this so very evil type of people. You cannot and will not even prove one thing nor show love for a heterosexual and yes you do things and say things we have to be tolerant and have diversity for you, and for what?


Let face it you would be correct to even say I will even keep on preaching and teach about just how so very evil you are, plus I will show just what God has to say about just how so very evil you are. I promise not to back down from you and yes you will say nothing in return, for you are in a great fear of me and others that say the very same thing as I do.


My sources happen to show how so very evil you really are and the direction you are going and your hate you have for the whole human race. Plus, how much you want and have the desire to pervert the whole world.  You have no sources to even backup any of your claims.


You are ruining the world and every thing that is moral and all morality too, plus you have corrupted all children and their hopes in being normal and who they should be, and they should not be like you.


Okay you read the news article I found and my blog too. It is your turn to reply too.

Thank You