Romans 1 Exhibited in 2018

Romans 1 Exhibited in 2018
This greatly restrained in dealing with the issue of homosexuality, especially as it pertained to the second segment of the broadcast, as it showed how there appears to be no depth that is off limits to this perversion.

What this program proved is how openly Romans Chapter 1 is being acted out in society today. It describes man being vain in his imaginations, his darkened heart, being fools, the dishonoring of bodies between themselves, worshiping the creature more than the Creator, men leaving the natural use of the woman while burning in lust toward one another, and more. This portion of Scripture also describes how God gave them up to uncleanness, vile affections and a reprobate mind. This is exactly what we’re seeing today.

Peter LaBarbera, the founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and assistant director of Mass Resistance, to lay out the evidence.

To help listeners understand the global aspect of the LGBTQ movement, noted a release from the Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law. It was produced as part of a LGBTQ Intersex Global Development Partnership. They indicated that there’s a new global acceptance index that ranks 141 nations around the world concerning LGBTQ issues. In 80 of those nations, 57% have experienced increases in acceptance. 33% had a decline while 11% stayed the same. So, as you can see, over half of the world’s nations are taking steps to be affirming of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

From there, Peter comment on a number of stories related to this issue that just came out this week. They included:

A prominent LGBTQ lawyer burned himself to death in an eco-protest.
A federal judge has ruled that President Trump cannot yet enforce his recently unveiled plan on transgender soldiers in the military.
The Coast Guard remains committed to having transgender members serve until an explicit policy comes forth that says otherwise.
The Human Rights Campaign reported that their ‘Welcoming Schools’ program was in New York City this week, training educators and staff at the New York City Department of Education on building more inclusive schools for all students.


Iowa 4-H is reaching out to LBGTQ children.
The mayor of New York has offered male criminals the opportunity to move into women’s jails provided the men say they have a female gender identity.
Almost 50 bills have been introduced in 24 states targeting conversion therapy.


California wants to put forth an assembly bill that if passed, would treat conversion therapy as a type of consumer fraud.
Next week, a perversion conference will take place known as the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend (CLAW).
The damaging/dangerous health issues that are disproportionately related to homosexual-practicing men.

More Information:


The fact is even as we speak right now the perverted LGBTQ community is do it best to ruin the family, and do its best to force all Americas to accept, be tolerant, and to have diversity to all those who are LGBTQ who are all the real perverts in America, by saying they need to eliminate the (First Amendment) so that you cannot even preach and teach or say anything that they fell would offend them in any way shape of form.


The one face that does not appear in any news source except for conservative news is the fact the LGBTQ community does not even want to have businesses not to have to right to refuse there demands to sell to a LGBTQ person or to a same-sex marriage couple, to allow a person who thinks they are a transgender to use the opposite gender bathroom, locker room, or even changing room. While women are saying they are violated in the ladies’ bathroom because there is a man who “claims’ to be transgender so that they can view a woman’s private body parts. Now if the woman even complains she is arrested and charged with a hate crime and told that male has every right to be there, because they “claim to be a transgender, or are making their gender change.


The LGBTQ are demanding that all businesses are to hire all LGBTQ, Transgender, same-sex marriage couple before hiring a none homosexual, or a Veteran. They say if you do not do this then you are in violation of their rights to being a LGBTQ.


The LGBTQ has made threats of violence if a Pastor or a Minister does not preach and teach the way they feel the Pastor or Minister should, for example. The Book of Romans Chapter one must never be used according to the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ even says all Pastors and Minsters must preach and teach what does tickle the ears and is what I like to call people pleasing verse God pleasing. Another word what a sin like LGBTQ is is or even transgender is even same-sex marriage is cannot be used because they claim there has to be tolerance and to remove the LGBTQ, transgender, or even same-sex marriage as a sin, and Pastors and Minster are to teach and preach LGBTQ, transgender, is not a sin according to God. They have even made threats and said they will do terrorist act of violence in order to get their way.


The LGBTQ community has even gone as far to say they will support the communist leader Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton in order to bring about their sexual immoral agenda.


The LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex and even the feminist movement have said there is to be no more men’s bathroom, locker room, or even changing rooms in any business environment because they want to eliminate “inequality” because they feel they have the right to dictate to the business there is no such thing as the male gender. They also say every business in America are to be mandated to have a “gay rights” sponsorship in order to promote their agenda.


The LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, agenda are also mandating that all home schools are to be removed or the parents are to teach their children to be a LGBTQ, transgender, and it is okay to have sex at the age of four years old, plus if the parents do not comply the children are to be removed from the home because this is child abuse, and the parents are to be jail and sent to a reeducation camp before the parents are allowed to have child again or ever. Even to be monitored by a LGBTQ person to prove that they have been reformed an deemed safe for society.


LGTBQ, transgender, same-sex marriage has gone as far to even state that all charter schools school choice, and other private schools are to be converted to public schools, for they feel that all these types of schools do not and will not teach that is okay to be a homosexual like they demand and want to have mandated by the government.


The LGTQ, transgender, feminist, same-sex marriage people, liberals/democrats say there should only be one type of clothing for all to wear, for they say it is okay for all males to wear dresses, skirts, only, for this brings about equality to be equal, and this way they can end the male gender, plus this will bring about peace and agreement between all human beings on the face of the earth.


Yet the LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage couples, feminist, liberals, and those who support the sexual immoral community or agenda say what they are saying is freedom of speech and is liberty to be mandated to honor their will and their agenda, for rest is not freedom and liberty according to them.


There is even in the LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, feminist, and the liberal/democrats to force all males or to have those males who reject the LGBTQ, transgender, feminist, even the same-sex marriage, plus the rest of the sexual immorality movement to force the male to take a hormone replacement therapy in order to force the male to learn what it is like to be a female and to accept the LGBTQ, transgender, feminist, same-sex, liberal/democrat agenda and ideas to be equal to have equality for all and this would be in the name of love and peace.


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The news that ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC, plus the Washington Post will refuse to report as News.


News that the Liberals hate to tell

I got this from my conservative news sources.
Justice Department and FBI seeking an investigation of James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Hillary Clinton in connection with the 2016 campaign controversy.
Last evening, President Trump tweeted that the newly released memos written by Comey show clearly no collusion with Russia.
The latest polling from Rasmussen shows a huge slide in support for James Comey, the disgraced former head of the FBI.
Memos written by Comey reveal that CNN may have helped orchestrate a possible setup of then President-elect Donald Trump.

Management attorneys and trade groups are petitioning the Trump administration to reverse President Obama’s rule changes that drastically sped up the timeline of union elections.

California’s National Guard soldiers to go to the border and do nothing.

An overwhelming majority of Californians want to deport more illegal immigrants.

The Treasury Department slapped sanctions on a Syrian man and his criminal syndicate, blaming them for smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants from Syria and Lebanon into Mexico and helping them jump the border into the U.S.
–The Trump administration released 485 million dollars’ worth of grants to states and territories to combat the opioid epidemic.
A brand new history textbook is stirring controversy as it paints President Trump in a negative light while suggesting his supporters are angry xenophobes.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be granting all convicted felons in the state, who are on parole, a pardon. This move will restore voting rights to more than 35,000 people.


There is even more that you will not hear in the news and it is even forbidden to be told by the Left Reich news sources like ABC and the rest of the Disney company, CBS, CNN, NBC, Washington Post. The liberals and Democrats say you should never know the real truth about the news and what is going on in today’s world.


Did you know that your right to freedom and liberty of freedom of speech is gone in the States, of California, Washington State, Oregon, Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, and about the be shootdown in Wisconsin, The Liberal cities of Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee do not want any Minister, or Pastor to preach and teach against the so very evil sin of LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, feminism, and other sexual immorality, like incest. Or to even post it in social media.

I had a liberal/democrat candidate Left Reich wanting to meet with me to see if I would work with him on Vets issues to see if he could come up with a plan to help my fellow Veterans. I have refused to do so, for I will support the Libertarian Party view only. His reasoning is to get Vets to be slaves to the democrats and to vote only for the end of freedom and liberty in Wisconsin. He sees me as a threat to the to the democrats plan adopting the UN’s sustainable housing plan to force where you live and who you can live with and starting with Veterans being force to live where the government says you are to live and who they are to live with.


Sustainable housing in a communist party way of control that is used in all communist nations today.

According to the Liberal/democrat candidate if the plan works then you who are civilians will be force to live in sustainable housing too.

My source for this is UN Agenda 21.

I will not meet with him.

Free Speech Shut Down

Free Speech Shut Down


​In previous days, former FBI agent and anti-terrorist/security expert John Guandolo from Understanding the Threat. He was to speak at a conference this evening with Brannon’s Worldview Weekend. The title for his speech was, ‘America is Losing the War and Doesn’t Even Know It’. This involved discussion of the global Islamic movement, what they seek to accomplish, their network within the U.S., and more.

Ironically, some of the venues that he and other speakers would have been appearing at canceled the speaking engagements.

Brannon Howse, is the president of Worldview Weekend. He’s also an author of multiple books and a speaker on Worldview Weekend radio & TV programs.
Brannon began by taking listeners back to April of 2017 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A Muslim man from Saudi Arabia brought and filmed a Qur’an and panned the crowd while on Facebook. One of the off-duty police officers that was hired noticed him and warned him that filming was not allowed. The man admitted he was armed and was told to leave. The man then went to his car and brandished 5 weapons including 2 semi-automatic rifles while also claiming on Facebook that he had about 1,200 rounds of ammunition. The incident made national news, yet it took 12 days to get him charged. In the end he served 7 months at the federal level.
Brannon believes this incident emboldened others. So, when it was promoted that Brannon and his speakers were coming back to the Midwest to cover their last five cities, they managed to shut these conferences down.

It was at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa, where things began to unravel. Brannon received a phone call and e-mail from the Radisson Convention Center in Green Bay, WI., stating that they were canceling the conference for Saturday evening. The reason stated by the convention center representative had nothing to do security. Instead, the cancellation was based upon complaints from the community and that the convention center owners ‘…do not want to host a group like you.’

So the Thursday Iowa convention went on as planned. Then Friday morning at breakfast, a call was received from the hotel in Pewaukee, WI. (a suburb of Milwaukee). They indicated that they had received so many calls from people angry that Worldview Weekend was being allowed to use the facility that the owners felt they must cancel.

Also on Friday, while on the road for the engagement in Onalaska, WI., the convention center there asked for the certificate of liability. They were asking for this because they claimed they received 57 phone calls in a 90 minute to 2-hour period.
So where were the calls coming from? Brannon cited the Council on American/Islamic Relations (a front-group for the Muslim Brotherhood), the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with Antifa groups.

Why would those whose roots are steeped in Marxism/Communism join a Muslim group in an attempt to shut down conferences warning of the global Islamic movement?

More Information:


As we can see if you are a liberal, or a democrat and one who that loves to end the First Amendment or say the First Amendment just applies to being in agreement to the Islamic Muslims are willing to say the lie about the Islamic Muslims being a religion of peace.


For according to this article, the freedom of speech does not apply to Men of God like Pastors and Ministers or even Elders. Another word if you are a Christian or Jew you have no rights and protections under the First Amendment. The liberal groups like the Sothern poverty Law firm plus the ACLU say no more freedom of speech for a church and us men of God.


We also know that Governor of California hates the First Amendment and he will even refuse to listen to common scene, and he loves evil like the Islamic Muslims.


Men like James White who is the pastor in California’s Alpha and Omega church who peaches and teaches a lie and is a lair, for he feels that there should be no more freedom of speech for conservatives. He does promote the evil of Islamic Muslims and stated Christians are to be silence. Plus, all those who do not and will not be silent should be beheaded by the Islamic Muslims. He even has gone as far to rewrite the Word of God to say God does want no more freedom and liberty and we should never have any freedom of speech.


Mr. Obama does agree with James White and so does Hillary Clinton alone with Bernie Sanders.


This is a news article I read and saw plus you have what I have to say about no more freedom of Speech and Religion.


I am a defender of the First Amendment, plus a defender of freedom of Religion.


Now it is your turn to respond


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Either you serve by faith, or you serve by flesh

Either you serve by faith, or you serve by flesh

Which way do you serve?

If you serve by faith you are serving God, but if you are serving by flesh which means you are serving the Devil or if you will be serving Satan.

Now open your Bibles to   1Corinthians 15: 12-22, “Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead?

13 But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen:

14 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

15 Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not.

16 For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised:

17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.

18 Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.

19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

20 But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.

21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Now the Devil says you will be serving Jesus if you are a LGBTQ and serve that as your way of life, for the Devil says it is okay to be a LGBTQ and to serve Jesus. For the Devil says to you that God will not send you to Hell even if you are a LGBTQ sinner and sin like you do, For Satan say Jesus is love and will love you even with your sins of being an LGBTQ which is a sin to God. The Devil says God does not hate the sin and the sinner, Yet God does say He does hate the sin and the sinner.

You who are or say that it is okay to be a LGBTQ have been scammed by the Devil in believing it is okay to be a LGBTQ and living a life of sexual immorality and sexual immoral. You have been scammed to think that God will love your sins of sexual immoral and sexual immorality. You have been lied to by the father of lies and is a liar. You that are a LGBTQ or one who agrees with them have been living your life by the flesh; therefore, you have not bee living your life by faith.

You see in order to live by faith you first have to be Holy and Righteous which means you have to live your life pure Holy and pure Righteous. In order to do that you first have to Repent and Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. That is the only way.

You can say you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, but that is no good, for you have to first Repent of all your sins.

The devil says it is just fine to just say the words you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior, yet the Devil did not say you have to have faith by first Repenting.

You see Repenting is the tool that gets you to understand what faith all about. The devil did the very same thing and said the very same thing to both Adam and Eve.

You see you who are or say it is okay to be an LGBTQ forget that it was the sin of your sexual immoral and sexual immorality that Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior had to be nailed to the cross and die for and to prove that He did pay the price for that sin He had to rise from the dead. Yes, he had to rise from the dead for all sins and that is truth. This sermon is talking about all sins, but your sins of deception to the world that you claim and say every human being especially Jews and Christian have to be tolerant and have diversity to your wicked and so very evil sin of LGBTQ.  You even claim to be people of love, tolerance, and diversity, but you have not yet you hate to even be tolerant to God, Jews, and Christians. But where is what you claim and say?

Well just in case you think this sermon is against just the LGBTQ, you are so very wrong for you who claim to be a transgender and believe that transgender is real well guess what you are so very wrong.

Now the Devil says you will be serving Jesus if you are a transgender and serve that as your way of life, for the Devil says it is okay to be a transgender, and to serve Jesus. For the Devil says to you that God will not send you to Hell even if you are a transgender sinner and sin like you do, For Satan say Jesus is love and will love you even with your sins of being a transgender which is a sin to God. The Devil says God does not hate the sin and the sinner, Yet God does say He does hate the sin and the sinner. The Devil even tells you who are transgender you need no real proof that there is three genders, for the Devil say hearsay is the only proof you nee to even prove that is needed to even prove transgender is even a real gender or the development of the gender of a person maybe wrong in their mother’s womb. The Devil even says this lie will not hurt you, plus the Devil says God does not mind if you tell a lie and be a lair, for your Jesus is to be that lie about being a transgender. The Devil say your sin and being a sinner Jesus will love you.

Okay the Devil says the best way to fight God is to hate God Jews and Christians, by just using What words that are people pleasing which is serving the flesh and not faith.

By the way I heard these words to serve the flesh does come from the LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage couples, those who preform and promote doing incest and bestiality, plus other sexual immoral and other sexual immorality. This would even include teaching a 4-year-old child to preform sexual acts in all public schools. The Devil say these things are okay to do and you must do them too. For there is even teachers and other adults being told to monitor and make sure that even 4-year-old child does know how to perform the sex act of intercourse the proper way. For God will love you for doing these things, plus even more. The LGBQ, transgender, Same-sex marriage couples, liberals, feminist, plan parenthood, you who agree with these people have said you desire to do this, in order to get rid of God all Jews and Christians, plus you have even said you hate and your hate is the only way to bring about peace, joy and harmony because the Devil say this is what you are to do.

The fact that there has never been on human being that was born in the wrong body with the wrong gender in human history does show how much the transgender lie is hurting other human beings. These lies that are even told are never even backup with any proof, for proof is what is needed to show the wrong the Bible is and just how wrong believing in God would be. Hearsay is not the proof that is need, for you need to bring about evidence.

Yes, the Devil says there has to be tolerance and diversity for the sin of transgender, LGBTQ, same-sex marriage, feminist, and you who are liberals, for the Devil say to be tolerant and have diversity for the so very evil sin of transgender show just how much to Hate God, Jews, and Christians is the best way to be even politically correct.

It is those who are liberals, LGTQ, transgender, same-sex, feminist, that say we must be politically correct to not say what these  people say is a hate crime when us men of God like Pastors and Ministers say these things are a abomination to God, and God does not even tolerate or has any diversity to the so very evil sins of being a LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, or even being a feminist as well as a liberal too.  Us men of God like Pastors, Minister, or even elders say there is no tolerance and diversity, for we will not stop preaching and teaching about just how much God hates both the sinner and the sin. Even the sin of LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage, feminist, and being a liberal too.

Now the Devil says you will be serving Jesus if you are a same-sex marriage couple and serve that as your way of life, for the Devil says it is okay to be a same-sex marriage couple and to serve Jesus. For the Devil says to you that God will not send you to Hell even if you are a same-sex married couple sinner and sin like you do, For Satan say Jesus is love and will love you even with your sins of being a same-sex marriage which is a sin to God. The Devil says God does not hate the sin and the sinner, Yet God does say He does hate the sin and the sinner. The devil say your Jesus is the Jesus of love, and the Jesus of love will love you. The Devil also tell you who claim to be a same-sex marriage couple look God loves you for you are full filing what God has commanded you to do. And that you are to be a same-sex couple, plus you are to be perverts and teach the children of the would to be a pervert as well and the world will tolerate and have diversity to your sins. You demand and want it to be mandatory that all men of God like a Pastor or a Minster to preform a marriage and pronounce you as a married couple so that you can have all kind of perverted sexual relationship and perverted sexual immoral sex acts. You even force people to make you a wedding cake or force the Courts to agree to force a Cake decorator who happens to be a Christian and disagree with your perverted way of life and say no they want to refuse you because they happen to believe in God. You even have a Clerk of Courts put in jail because she stands up to you and your so very evil ways by not granting you a marriage certificate so that you can be just like Satan and to pervert the world into think that same-se marriage is okay. You even have gone as far to pervert all the public schools in the United States of America to teach children it is okay to be a pervert like LGBTQ, Feminist, Transgender, or to even be more sexual immoral perverts like they are. You even go as far to say that there has to be a mandate and make it mandatory to even teach your prevention to children as young a 3 years old, by forcing and making it a mandate to make it mandatory to force the parents of a 3 year old child to go to a counselor that teaches it is okay to be a pervert like you are and that is in the name of love for that child. Do you hear the words that you are using? They are mandate, require, force, mandatory, tolerance, diversity now do you get the point? You see if us men of God say words like that and we do not by the way, for God is the fonder and author of freedom and liberty, for God say you must choose today who you will serve and you that are same-sex marriage couple, feminist, LGBTQ, transsexual, transvestites, transsexuals, liberals, cross-dressers, have chosen to serve the Devil with all your sexual immoral prevention to be a pervert.

Your hate is so very clear and you do everything to say there has to be a mandate to make it a mandatory thing to yes, remove the First Amendment Right to teach and preach against your so very evil sins. Just ask all those who live in the State of California, for Governor Jerry Brown has removed all First Amendment rights to us men of God and this even includes men who are Pastor and men who are Ministers. Whoever God will not be silenced by this so very sinister act of terrorism by the State of California’s Governor Jerry Brown, for God will end him as being Governor one day and his terrorism hate to God and all the Jews and Christians that live in the whole world, for God will and can destroy all even the whole earth that He did create. Amen. To that so say Amen.

Now the Devil says you will be serving Jesus if you who are fenniest and serve that as your way of life, for the Devil says it is okay to be a feminist and to serve Jesus. For the Devil says to you that God will not send you to Hell even if you are a feminist sinner and sin like you do, For Satan say Jesus is love and will love you even with your sins of being a feminist which is a sin to God. The Devil says God does not hate the sin and the sinner, Yet God does say He does hate the sin and the sinner.

Feminist are among the world greatest hater and hate group that the world will and has ever known. Their hate is that great that they hate men so much the they say they is no such thing as a male and all males are to be relabel to be females or a famine male. They even go as far to say God is a she. When in truth God is a He. You even go as far to say you was created first then the male can from you.

Feminist even say that all and every human being is to wear the very same clothing as a woman would. This does include the wearing of the same undergarments.

Feminist even say there should only be one bathroom, one changing room, or even one locker room and you who are a LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex married couple, liberals, transvestites, transsexuals, and the rest of you who are in agreement with the sexual immoral to live a life of sexuality immorality love this idea so that you can say you are a pervert and all forms of prevention is great to have.

Feminist say by eliminating the male gender would mean there is and will be equality to be equal; whereby each and every human being on the face of the earth is the same. This is what the Devil is telling you to do, for that is why you serve the Devil.

Feminist even say that a mother should murder her child, because the child has no right to live. Yes, this does come from Satan and is just what the Devil wants you to do and believe. You hate life that much.

Feminist love to change the Bible so that they can violate God’s law in to say God will allow to have female pastors and female ministers when it is so very clear that this job does belong to men only, for all men of God are to be Ministers and some are to be a Pastor of a church only even some men are to be the Elder of a church, for a woman is to be silence in a church. Just like Christ is the head of the Church; therefore, a man is to be the head of the home. Whereby he is to lead the family according to the will of God and only the will of God only. You feminist are to submit to your husbands just like we human beings are to submit ourselves to Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior only.

As we said before there is no force or mandate or anything that is to be made mandatory by God, for it is of your own free will that you are to be saved, and not by your good works, for it is by the grace of God that you are saved

God will never use force or a requirement to save you for all of your sins in order to make you Holly and Righteous like He is, but if you wish to follow the Devil and his way to enslave you that is of your own free will as well.

People God is Holly and Righteous and it is His desire to have you Holy and Righteous like He is, but in order to do that you need to first Repent of all your sins even the sins that are list above in this sermon. For no human being is even Holly and Righteous no not one. Therefore, after you have Repented of all your sins even the one that are listed above in this sermon, you have to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Yes, the Devil will hate you for this, but he hates you anyways and does not even to wish that you had a choice and right to choose who you will service, for the Devil hates his own followers.

The Devil even hates the fact that God does so love the world that He did send His Son into the world to save the world by paying for all our sins even the sins that are list above. The fact is the Devil or if you wish Satan has been defeated when Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior rose from the dead on the third day when He was nailed to the cross.

The Resurrection from the dead is the only and real proof that God does love you, and is the victory over death, the second death.

The Devil or if you wish Satan cannot do any of that, for He even refuses to help you or save you from death. He wants to see you dead without the salvation that comes from God.

Please note this could be your last breath of air that you even take. Do you wish to send the rest of your life with God or do you wish to spend the rest of your life in Hell with no hope, no light just pure darkness whaling and gnashing your teeth no friend to talk to no rest, you are tormented both day and night? Nothing.

This could be your last chance to be saved, for if you are waiting for the very last minute just before you die. Well think about this I know of a few people who died in their sleep, auto accident, even had a hart attach or even was beheaded and died and was sent to Hell because they wanted to wait until the very last minute. Are you one of those?

Now is or could be your own time to be saved why wait? Just Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Amen.





What Trade War?

What trade war?

If the fact that both President Clinton and Obama would of quit hating America by allowing China to steel jobs and to force good Americans to be relocated to Communist China to work in order to live then there would be no tariff at all put on China.

Well the liberals, and democrats say this is a trade war and they are the only ones who are saying that. Yes, they love the communist organization called Labor Unions, and they hate both freedom and liberty, for they hate America.

Okay by putting on a duty or tariff is a tax and taxing other nations that import goods to America.

Well in stead of raising taxes on America you would put a tariff on the import goods being sold in America whereby you will be able to buy American goods much cheaper. Well liberals and democrats hate the idea of buying American made goods cheaper. That is why we can say and it is the real proof that all you who are liberals, or even democrats hate both freedom and liberty and you hate America. This would include you who are members of the occult group labor unions.

As a business owner I just love to see China pay more in a tariff verse my taxes going up like you who are liberals and democrats.

Putting the higher tariff on China means more jobs, higher wages, and a better way of living, plus is much better for the economy. In matter of fact you will get rid of the entitlements like food stamps, government control, welfare state, government healthcare, the lazy person saying they cannot fine a job.

Just ask a liberal and democrat why do they hate America manufacturing and good and services? I am so sure their answer is I love to buy from the Chinese and I hate America, plus I hate both freedom and liberty. They will even say they love communism.


Thank You very much now it is your turn to respond to my blog

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Men of God, Pastors Ministers, why do you preach and teach The Great Commission?

Men of God, Pastors Ministers, why do you preach and teach The Great Commission?
Men of God did you know that there is less than 2% of Christians that even know or understand just what The Great Commission is?
Yes, it is truth that you men of God are falling God and serving the Devil by not Preaching and teach what The Great Commission is all about. By the way men God has told you that you are to do just very thing and teach and preach The Great Commission is all about.
Okay I even hear this in the very church that I attend and it is a huge red flag by hearing the members of the Out-Reach Committee say we need to cater or give into the so very sins of the world like the great sins of LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage so that we can gain more member to our own church. The problem with this idea is that those members of the Out-Reach committee are not obeying God, for they rather obey human beings. Now do you see the difference, for you are to obey God and not human beings.
Men of God, out reach committee is obeying God, if you do it the way God wants you to do things. It is God’s church and not the church of human beings. It is God’s out-reach.
Okay now let us open our Bibles to Matthew 5:13-16, “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”
14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
Men of God you are to be the salt, light to the world, for Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior is the Salt, Light, and the way to God and all you are to men of God is to Preach and Teach the truth about sin and you are to point to just how evil the sins or the world are, and yes it is here where God does say call the sin by name and to call the sinner by name. Do not hold back, for that is what the Devil wants you to do. Yrs. men of God You are to preach and teach Hell and brimstone type of sermons in order to show the truth. Do not use political correctness and Water down words like the world would like to have you do. You are top use the Word of God and the words God wants you to use. The devil wants you to use Water down words and words that would please the world.
Now open your Bible to Mathew 28:19, “Goe ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Sonne, and of the Holy Ghost:”
If you notice I gave you the original translation from Greek into English and not any other translation to show you the words that you are deleting from the Great Commission. This done to show you men of God just what God is telling you to do.
The world hates the original, for the world hates to read and know the truth what God is telling you to do.
Men of God does tell you to do what. Go.
What else does God tell you men of God to do? Teach all Nations. That mean every human being that is on the face of the Earth. Even in today’s world. Plus, to keep on teaching and preaching.
Next God tell you men of God to Baptize in the Name of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Another word, the Trinity. Which means three in one, for He is just One God, and not three separate gods.
Okay men of God, you are being commissioned by God a job to do and you are to do it, but there are those who are Pastors and those that are Ministers. The thing is each job a Pastor and Minister have two separate jobs to do when it comes to the Great Commission.
Men as a Pastor you job is to yes serve in a local church to teach men to be Ministers, Elders, for you job is to be shepherds in your local church, and the other men are to be the Ministers to help in the area of being the out-reach committees to your local churches. The elders Job is to help the Pastors with the widows, poor, and those who can no longer get tot eh church or those who are crippled in life, or even help maintain the church to make sure that the bills are paid, and the building is kept up is in order so that when a Minister brings in a new member that new member is welcomed to your local church.
Okay now for you ladies of God. Your role is to yes be the ones to help with the female’s new members and the Dorcus to the church. You are to be a married just to one man and you are to tend to your children and to help with the children of the church by being women of God. You are not to vote, nor teach the men of God, for you are to be silence in the church. Your part of the Great Commission is to help guide a single woman to marriage just one man only and to teach her to teach other women in the way to Honor God. You ladies are not to dress to look like men by wearing pants and other type of male clothing. Your hair should be long, for feminist, liberals, say to you ladies to cut your hair to look; like a male so that you can be equal to have equality Ladies to do what the liberals, and feminist want you to do does come from the Devil, and you are serving the Devil.
Men of God you are to be fearless and not be afraid to even stand on the street comers to preach and teach the Word of God, or even knock on a door.
Ladies of God you are not to be Pastors, Ministers, nor Elder, or even on a church Counsel, nor even be a church counselor. These jobs are for men of God only. Therefore, if a lady says she is a Pastor. She is a lair and is not a Pastor, for that is an abomination to the Lord God Almighty. This is why you men of God are to teach and make sure you even Preach against these very things, for if you don’t then you are saying it is okay to sin against the Lord and you are also saying there is no need of the Great Commission and you are disobeying God.
Yes, Pastors if you do not wish to preach about why we need the Great Commission and what the Great Commission is all about. Then you are afraid of God and you wish to obey human beings and say sinning is acceptable to do. And you are honoring what the Devil wants you to do. This also means you hate God.
The only goal for the church is to have 100% of the members of the church be a Christian and those Christian should know just what the Great Commission is and how to obey God when it comes to the Great Commission.
Pastor, Elders, Ministers, and men of God. Did you know that you have the social media that you can use in order to fulfill the Great Commission? Yes, men of God use this source to spread the Gospel and truth about God and do not even be afraid of the enemies of God, for God is with you and He will never leave or forsake you. The world and enemies of God will and do hate you already. Men of God keep this in mind that God will be with you and He will tell and teach you just what to do. So, fear not He is with you always.
The Great Commission is and means to Go, seek, and find the lost and those who hate God and you. Therefore, Obey God. Amen.
Now choose what you are going to do.
Choose. Amen.

Do Not watch the Rosanne Barr Show

Do Not watch the Rosanne Barr Show

When ever a person does promote any thing that deals with sexual immoral and sexual immorality this show the lack of respect for morals.

When ever you have a child such as a boy wear female clothing which is the promoting the sexual immoral idea of transgender, LGBTQ, same-sex marriage, incest, and bestiality.

Boys and girls are not to wear the opposite genders clothing (cross-dressing) for it is fist illegal, immoral, and teaching and training a child to be a pervert.

The Roseanne Barr Show has in the past promoted liberalism, feminist, hate, and anti-family and not you have the very same things being promoted on the Roseann Barr show should give you the clue that this is not a show to even be on the air.

Now the other fact is the Roseanne Barr Show is on one of the most liberal promoting net work Disney who does hate all morals and the family.

Ames McNamara is being exposed as a cross-dresser and a transgender, plus a member of the LGBTQ community. This is called child endangerment and cruelty to a minor, by forcing this boy to wear a dress and to shame him in front of America by forcing and mandating him to be trained to be a pervert in life.  Or even be a pervert as his lifestyle.

Roseann Barr does claim to be a conservative, but no conservative would even allow a boy to dress like a girl even in a TV show on the liberal net work Disney.

Roseanne Barr claim to be a conservative is phony just like her show. She is phony just like all liberals and democrats are.

Roseanne Barr along with Disney are profiting from exploding a child and force that child to the crime of sexual immorality.

Thank and yes like always you may respond to my blog

Thank You