It Is Great To Have No More LGBTQ And Transgender In My Military Yeah

Now that transgender people can no longer serve in my military that is the greatest news in ever told since the dark cloud that came onto the United States of America.

In truth as of today transgender people or even an LGBTQ person has never even come up with any cite[s] to even back up their phony claim that a human being is born in the wrong body.

This has never been done.

He said she said does not work for me, for that is no proof. A theory is no proof, for a theory is a lie that cannot be back up with a cite[s].

The economy will do much better without any transgender people in my military. This is because taxpayers such never ever pay for so phony idea of surgery, or treatment that a transgender person needs for the rest of their life. I say if you want to claim to be a transgender then You and You alone should pay for that, for that is your choice and you made the choice and not us taxpayers.

You transgender and LGBTQ made your phony choice and you have made demands that we that are taxpayers to pay for you to be wrong. You even claim that the people of the United States of America be tolerant and have diversity to your phony idea of being transgender. WRONG.

No Cite[s] mean you have nothing and you should not get anything at all.

No cite[s] mean you are not and should never be allowed in my United States Military in order to be taxpayers to pay for your free ride.

Okay I happen to know for a fact you that are LGBTQ and transgender can be court-martial for even alternating government property, and many other military laws, for you fail to tell the truth of your gender of your birth.

In truth you should be court-martial for lying under oath, for you all and each and every transgender LGBTQ is a bold face liar.

In truth you transgender and LGBTQ people are and always been trouble from the beginning because of your bold face lies.

Why be tolerant to a liar like all you LGBTQ and transgender people are. See that there is no way to be tolerant to bold face lair and there is no way to even have diversity to a bold face liar like the LGBTQ and transgender people.

The other thing is why should the United States of America’s Military fight for your communist/socialist type of thinking, for all and I mean all transgender and LGBTQ love and are all communist/socialist, for they love Communism/Socialism so much that they love to use words that say demand, mandatory, force, mandate, and they love the word entitlement big government government control. They hate freedom and liberty so much they even say that everyone must use word of being politically correctness. and waterdown words and the meaning of words. They even hate freedom of religion, They hate freedom so much that they are saying it is a hate crime just to say anything that they do not like.

Transgender LGBTQ just leave my Military and leave the United states of America and move to North Korea where you belong or china, Cuba, These are communist nations. or even go to a Muslim nation.

Thank You


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