Queen Elizabeth 2 is a murder

A sermon from Truth Ministries
Thou Shall Not Murder
The rule of Law is so very clear here that when God says “Thou Shall Not Murder” does mean not to even have a thought to even want to murder someone even your own child or an execution of a child like Queen Elizabeth 2 had does; and even with the help of the English people in the British Isles, and the Territories that are under British rule.
Yes God does allow a government to execute a person if they did a crime. But the only crime a child did in England was to be born.
Listen God will deal with Queen Elizabeth 2 and the government of the British people, plus the liberals out there that say a child must be executed because of his birth. Yes God will take revenge on the British people, liberals, and the Territories that are under British rule, plus Queen Elizabeth 2 for the murder of the child or any child that is murdered by their mother, or anyone that say the child must be executed.
Seeing that God had unleashed His anger in the past that does not mean He will not do that today.
Listen you men that are Pastors and Ministers if you even refuse or will not even preach and teach about this and wish to stay salient about the execution of a child that Queen Elizabeth 2 has signed his death warren to have this child executed then you are just as guilty of the execution of that child and the execution of the child that are murdered by their mother each and every day. Here is the true numbers of children that are executed by their mother. The number is over 500,000 per day. Yes you are the executioner by the way Pastors and Ministers.
Listen I have a friend that says I should never preach and teach like Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior and he say preach and teach that we should not not sin. According to him God does not like this, but he even says Christ and the rest of the Apostles even preached or taught this way. Yet on the other hand Jesus did and so did the Apostles did. He says we should preach and teach the waterdown version and to teach and preach like the liberals say we should do.
God say differently by the way we are to preach and teach the God’s law and show why Jesus christ our Lord and personal Savior had to die on the cross for the full forgiveness of all our sin.
We are not to just pick and choose what to teach and preach, for even Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior had yes healed people, but He also told them not to even sin no more or it will be worst for them.
Well If Jesus Christ our lord and personal Savior did preach and teach about how wrong it is to sin, then why can’t us human beings that are Christians do the same. I did ask my friend where does it say we are to just preach and teach on the feel good and fluff and sweet things? Here is his answer. God Loves Jesus Loves. Then I asked him why is he going to church. His answer is and was a _________________________. another words just they type to make himself look good.
Listen: if I do not hear even my very own Pastor preach and teach my murder is wrong even a child that is murdered by Queen Elizabeth 2 by her execution sentence of that boy who will not see one year of age. This is just what you mothers do when you execute your child or children. this murder and you men that are Pastors and Ministers that do not teach and preach a hell and brimstone sermon about why even the government like England should not even break one of God’s law. I warn you God will end your church and remove His Candle Stick that He has set up for you. God has done that in our history.
Pastors and Minsters enough about not teaching and preaching the things that will tickle the ears and what the liberals and people like Queen Elizabeth like you to preach and teach about.
Enough about saying it is alright for a mother to execute her child. Yes call that child that was or is about to execute the mother’s child. Remember God says “Thou Shall not Murder”
Reminder you men that are Pastor and Minsters you are to preach and teach like Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior and you should remind every human being on the face of the earth that even Queen Elizabeth 2, the Pope and those that claim they are greater than God are not a god. Lay them out on the carpet and be a true Pastor and Minister and show them just how evil they are and make them look like a great fool that they are when they claim to be a god.
Pastors and Ministers you should have that fire and brimstone sermon to even preach to the unsaved and show just how very evil they are when they like to execute a child or even their own children. Light that fire and keep it burning. Say Amen. Amen. This would even include you. I will even point to my very own Pastor and say to him and say you should start to peach a fire and brimstone sermon and I do not care what that friend that says other wise, for he is WRONG. Say Amen.Amen. Even my Pastor should as k the congregation to say Amen during his sermons. Say Amen. Amen. Even a Glory be to God our Heavenly Father say Hallelujah so that i can jump out of my wheelchair. Say Amen, Amen. Hallelujah. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost Amen, Amen, Amen,
Listen I maybe fired up, but God says to you “Thou Shall not Murder”.
You cannot sing onto the Lord God Almighty if you murder. Ask the very first murder Cain. Cain knows that for sure. Queen Elizabeth 2 is just like Cain by trying to justify the execute of that boy in England.
Mothers try to justify the execution of their own children. the mothers that did this are just like Cain.
Mothers and Queen Elizabeth 2 and you liberals should look in the eyes and that child you love to execute and see the pain that child goes through when they have been executed by you.
Let me tell you this true story I did witness an execution by a government that nailed even babies on a cross. Yes I was in China.
Now if the parents are convicted of the crime of being a Christian. Yes being a Christian will get you executed without a trial. This is what I witnessed.
Father, Sons, wives, Mothers, Daughters, young babies stripped naked nail to a cross, and birds and other animals eating their flesh. trying to breath. screaming out lowed the pain and agony of hanging on the cross. the smell was over whelming and would make you vomit. Half eaten bodies and the smell that I will never forget as long and I live or rotting flesh. I will not tell you how and why I was there, but I want you to understand the sick minded of Queen Elizabeth 2 and the people of Great Britain, you liberals and you mothers that execute your very own child.
Here is one thing I am a witness to the most heinous crime by the so very evil Chinese.
Murder is hate and Queen Elizabeth 2 is a haters. that is why Queen Elizabeth 2 is a murder of a child.
Yes it is true that Queen Elizabeth 2 and you mothers that lover to execute your child can be forgiven by God and there is only one way for you and them to do that.
The only way is to first or at the same time is to repent of all your sins and ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and personal Savior. Yes stop sinning too, for God does want you to stop you sinning, and live a Holy and Righteous life, for God does demand that all of us Human being live a Holy and Righteous life. That is why He gave us His Ten Commandments. That is why He sent his One and only Son into the world to show us the way to live a pure and Holy life, and a Righteous life. Say Amen.Amen.
Now if my own Pastor says Amen to me when I attend church on Sunday I will know he read this sermon. I would even say thank you brother in Christ and love him as a brother in Christ.
To answer this question that you have. Have I ever killed any body.?
Here is my answer I am a United States Marine that has been in combat. Amen.

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