The State of Minnesota forces Girls to shower with Boys, or pee with Boys

The State of Minnesota legislature, and the Governor of Minnesota make it law[s] to force all schools in the State of Minnesota to pee, shower, or even change clothing in front of each other. All of this is in the name of transgender.

The State of Minnesota does and wants every child to see each other in the nude in all schools so that they can bring about equality to be equal for some thing that does not even excise at all do to the fact there is no cite[s] that can even back up this lie told by liberals and democrats.

Studies happen to show that to claim there is a transgender is not even truth and every human being that even claim this idea to be truth in matter of fact cannot even physically prove what they are saying due to the fact they have no cite[s].

A cite[s] would prove a claim about transgender. No one cannot go by the hearsay of a human being. This would be due to the fact all and every human being on the face of the earth will tell a lie.

Even a theory is a lie told be a human being if they say according to the theory, or the theory is.

So if you have a cite[s] then now is the time to show all your cite[s].

So boys if you think you should of been born a girl. Well without your cite[s] to prove it then you are a liar. Yes I will parents call your boys a lair if they cannot even come up with a cite[s] to prove what they say is truth.

So girls if you even think you was born in the wrong body just like a boys claim to be a girl and you say you are a boy. Well prove it with a cite[s], and I will say the very same thing to you as i would say to a boy you are a liar, and the same goes for your parents too.

It is these reasons why we can say the State of Minnesota should not even make a law[s] that state it is okay for your sons and daughter to shower, pee or even change in the same changing rooms. All in the name of equality to be equal.

Yes the feminist love this idea for they even claim it is all in the name of being equal to have equality. Yes all feminist cannot even come up with a cite[s] to even prove their claims are even truth.

Liberals and democrat are just why to dumb to listen to a cite[s], for they love to go on hearsay v. a cite[s] that is the real truth and proof with facts to back up that there is no such thing as the phony idea of transgender.

Okay the truth is no liberal and no democrats along with the transgender, LGBTQ have integrity. This would include the State of Minnesota’s legislature. We even know that the Governor of the State of Minnesota has no integrity, for he is a liberal democrat, plus he is a dummy too.

So parents of the State of Minnesota want your sons and daughter to shower together, or pee in the same bathroom together whereby they can and will see each other nude, or even in the same changing room so that they can see each other dress or undress that is your choice to choose that very thing.

If you that have daughters think it is okay for a very strange boy or man to see your daughters nude that is your choice to choose like the law[s] that the State of Minnesota’s government want to force into law[s].

Mothers if you want to have what the State of Minnesota government want to make as a law[s] to have your daughter shower with even their own brother in schools and you have no problem with that. then say yes. Or better yet see their sister in the nude and change with them then you like this law[s] that the State of Minnesota would liek to make as law[s].

I would like to hear what you have to say. Remember you need a cite[s] too in order to prove what you are saying is a fact and the proof that you need. No theories.

Thank You


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