The State Of Minnesota’s hate for God and all Christians

The State of Minnesota making law[s] to force boy and girl use the same bathroom, locker room, changing rooms and to be able to shower together in all Public Schools . Well the real wording all schools in the State of Minnesota.
all schools in the State of Minnesota.
Well just what does this mean to us true Believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior that do not even live in the State of Minnesota, and the our question is can we preach and teach about this?
The answer is now the Johnson Amendment is no longer the law[s] of hate for all non-profits and dictating to all non-profits what to say and do by making terrorist threats to all non-profits to silence God, by saying non-profits will have to pay a tax if all non-profits say anything against the liberals or the democrats who make terrorism threats by saying the words tolerate, diversity, to be equal in order to have equality.
Listen; It is so very clear that even the Minnesota Government has declared War against all things that is moral and all morality. This means the State of Minnesota has even declared War against God, the Jews, and us true Believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.
Listen: this sermon is all about just what the Johnson Amendment try to stop by saying there is no more freedom and liberty to preach and teach against the whole Minnesota Government and their so very evil defiance against all humanity, and all moral values that has been given to us by God. I am also going to peach and teach that civil disobedience is the key and show you the truth, by giving you the truth about the LORD.
Now that the Johnson Amendment is no longer, please open your Bibles to Deuteronomy 22:5, and see just what the LORD has told us human beings not to do, and the LORD has HIS Warning to all human beings that disobey HIS word and Law[s]. Deuteronomy 22:5, “A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD your God.”
Listen: the LORD gave you a law[s] now obey it even if you do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior.
Listen: The LORD says this to Acts 5:29, ” But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.” It is here where the LORD says civil disobedience against the government that takes it upon itself to makes immoral law[s] like the States of Minnesota and California has done even the 5 judges that claim they have the auditory to be above the law[s] of the LORD and to claim they can change the LORD’s law[s] to fit their needs and evil ways, or to force their so evil ways onto those that have to desire and faith to obey the LORD’s law[s] by saying us Christians and Jews must obey their law[s] and be both tolerant and have diversity to the so very evil transgender and LGBTQ so every evil way of sexual immoral and sexual immorality as a lifestyle.
Listen: the christian collision, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi for California’s 12th district, United States Senator Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, Congressman Mark Pocan from the 2nd District from Wisconsin, former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren, Senator Chuck Schumer and the list does go on to all of you that are a liberal or democrat. Listen: The LORD has warned you and now you will be punished for your disobedience against the Lord.
The Minnesota Government has been warned. You that are a transgender, LGBTQ or anyone that supports these so very evil people have been warned by the LORD.
One warning the LORD has given you is this from the Book of Joshua, Joshua 24:15, please open your Bible there and read with me, ” And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” There is your warning, and the word is Choose that you must obey. This is also the warning that the LORD has given to the liberals, Democrats, transgender, LGBTQ , the State of Minnesota, and California or any other State that wishes to choose not to obey the LORD.
Listen: seeing that choose is your freedom and liberty that come from the LORD; therefore if you happen to choose the LORD then you have HIS salvation and HIS Grace and peace.
Listen: Both the State of Minnesota and California has told us that they do not like God and they do not like U.S.Const.amend.I because both States happen to hate both freedom and liberty, because both States have liberals and democrats in charge of their governments in State and local governments. this is why both States hate moral and morality as a lifestyle and mandate making it mandatory to be both tolerant and you are to have diversity.
Listen: both States are not going to like the truth to be told, but the LORD has told the truth and will deal with them in HIS time.Say Amen. Amen.
There is just only one real problem with the so very evil sin of transgender, LGBTQ or any other type of sexual immoral or sexual immorality as a lifestyle when the State of Minnesota does come up with a law[s] that say you can use the opposite gender bathroom, locker room, or even changing in the public school system or all schools must comply with such immoral law[s].
Ladies you will no longer be protected for a pervert peeking at you when you are trying to pee, dress, or even shower, for that will be legal to do in the State of Minnesota just like it is in the State of California.
Listen: you ladies can no longer say the you was raped by a man, and you must consent to all types of sexual immorality, for they are legal if the State of Minnesota makes it legal to have it legal for a boy to be able to use the girls’ bathroom, locker room, or even ladies changing room.
In matter of fact is one thing that was not even talked about in the beginning of this sermon.
Did you know that the boys must comply with the dress code of being force to wear the very same clothing that a girl is to wear in a gym class and be forced to even wear girls’ clothing well a dress or skirt when they are told to do so for the opposite gender day observance. Yes according to this law[s] there is not one thing you as a parent can even do about it, for you will be find or jailed or you children will be taken away from you because you , because you are a very bad parent, and a Christian worldview will not be tolerant, for they will claim you are not teaching tolerance and diversity. You will be classified as a hater and part of a hate group if this becomes law[s] in the State of Minnesota.
The problem with Governments that disregard the Law[s] that come from the LORD is that all morals, and morality is no longer good and the so very evil immoral and immorality is good. Peace, and love and grace are no longer the norm. You have lawlessness, people complaining that there is no protection for your safety. and things like rape and incest will be the norm and if the ones that believe in morals and morality are the hate group and it is a hate crime to even be against things like the sexual immoral transgender and sexual immoral LGBTQ.
Now with the Johnson Amendment gone,and no longer the law[s] of the land. The word of the LORD can be preached and taught to all like the LORD wants us too. We need the LORD always.
Keep in mind the LORD’s salivation is HIS ONE and only SON Jesus Christ our LORD and personal Savior. Say Amen. Amen.
The only thing the LORD does ask you to do is to just believe onto HIS ONE and only SON as your LORD and Personal Savior, for that is the only way you will ever be freedom and have the liberty to worship the LORD.
The Minnesota government is not a god, nor are the liberals and democrats a god, and they have no UNALIENABLE RIGHT to tell you that it is okay to use the opposite genders locker room, bathroom or even changing room, or even to be forced to wear the opposite gender clothing, or even say you are required to do so all in the name of being tolerant and to have diversity or even to be equal to have equality.
The State of Minnesota cannot say that all males are to be feminist like to so very evil liberals, democrats, transgender, LGBTQ would like to see and have everyone to agree with even have the LORD agree with this so very evil sin.
The one real problem that will happen from this so very evil law[s] like the one that the State of Minnesota want to have in their public schools is one day not one human being will even know just what gender a person is by just looking at them. Yes it is nice to see a female look like a lady, and a male not looking like a lady.
People Obey the LORD your God and love the LORD you God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, for HE loves you, for HE first loved you in the beginning of all creation.Amen.

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