Climate Change is Phony

Yes it is truth that climate change is phony, for the fact is there is no proof.

What it is, is just a bunch of load mouth bigoted liberals with the help of democrats making such a very ridiculous claim that the know something.

The fact is the earth is no even changing climate, for men like Al Gore and he very foolishness has made a phony statement that he could never back up with just one cite[s].

So to you that happen to believe in this so “called” phony and ridiculous very dumb idea of climate change please and again I say please show your cite[s] that can prove your claim or just plain shout up and wine about something that you have as another stupid phony idea.Or is your mind that warped and depraved as well as demented to even try to think, or does it hurt you that much to even think.

By the way us human beings is not to even be in charge of the climate any ways  Only the greatest fool would think so.

So far as I can see it that the climate is the same as it was over 100 years ago. the cite[s] What we can use for that is to look at the history of the earth and the climate a 100 years ago.

We happen to know that Al Gore is an idiot, buffoon, dummy, moron, and other words as such. So that is what makes all you that are liberals with the help of the democrats look like a bunch of idiot, buffoon, dummy, moron, and other words as such. You know who you are. By the way you are way to scared and way to stupid and dumb to even respond to this post. that is just how bad you really are.



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