Only a Fool would believe in the year of the Rooster Chinese New Year.

The real truth not one thing nor not one human being can even product the future, so how can a animal?

Are you going to live the rest of the day? well maybe then maybe not
Are you ready to die? you better hope so. You never know when you are going to dies. You may live to the age of 70 or 80 at tops. If you live to be 90 plus that is fine too.

Now is chicken going to tell you something about your life? no, for a chicken is part of the animal world. Which means good to eat. the same goes for a rooster. They are very good if cooked right..

A zodiac symbol is as phony as the three dollar bill. It does not matter which zodiac you go by, for there is no way the zodiac whether it a Chinese zodiac or not. There is no proof or facts with a cite[s] to back this silly claim.

Okay only a liberal and democrat would believe this very silly idea in the first place. You see a liberal and democrat would believe anything even the climate problem and that they are a animal and not a human being.

Yes every stupid thing is what all liberals and democrats believe in and that is what makes them and all of them the great fools that they are. well the liberals and democrats happen to believe in foolish things like transgender by saying everyone is born in the wrong body. Even the very evil feminist come up with this phony idea.

Year of the rooster you are a great fool if you believe in this very silly thing and feel that it is truth.

I just had a chat with a very ridiculous and very foolish liberal that made all kind of claims that is so very dumb and stupid, for she made herself look like a great fool that she is, but that goes to show you that every liberal is the same stupid and that is what makes them equal and there is their equality and politically correct word for the liberals and democrat. stupid.

Now you know liberals and democrats place more stock in being stupid and ridiculous in phony ideas that is why there is a debit, and dummy things that is so unethical, that they are the vomit of the world.

Yes that is truth that all liberals and democrats are the vomit of the world and human life.

Look if any just so happens to believe in the year of the rooster you are very stupid and a moron.


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