Seeing that Transgender love ideas that come from Obama

Now seeing that transgenders’ love the ideas that even now that the fact that Obama did and is still willing to enforced an Executive Order that all males can or must use the women’s bathroom.

This is one of many Executive Orders that Obama wants to enforce before he leaves office.

Okay this was the one thing that Obama wanted to do in a third term.

Yes the law[s] does State Obama can only serve two terms, but he has been very silence on this issue, for yes he said his farewell address, but there was even hints of him signing an Executive Order that would keep him in office or even a person that would counsel the very communist personal at the UN to come up with law[s] that would make it illegal to be a male.

Now everyone knows that all transgenders’ are sexual immoral and a sexual immorality type of life style.

Now this “Executive Order” would not just be enforced in all government[s] work places of employment, but also in the private sector as well.

Now LGBT, LGBTQ, like this idea for they say this is equal to have equality.

Everyone knows that “claiming” to be transgender is a very phony thing, for there is no such thing as a transgendered person.No cite that is why. Plus the transgender is just a myth and a lie told by all the very liberals that have no idea between reality and make believe.

I have been asking others to even provide just one cite that can even prove transgender is real. as of today not one person can do just that; therefore I am correct to state and say transgender is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Sexual immoral and the sexual immorality life style have no right[s] to have everyone to even be tolerant and to have diversity to their sexual immorality and sexual immoral. It is these very people that are the true haters and they have no right[s] to claim anything about hate and bulling when they are the ones that enjoy being the real life bullies and haters of all things moral.

Yes all LGBT, LGBTQ, and transgender, with same-sex marriages are the threats to sovereignty to the United States of America.

Thank You


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