I am so very glad that Castro is finally Dead. Jump for joy that Castro is dead.

I will state this that I am personally very glad that Castro is finally dead. I will even say I am jumping for joy that a communist dictate is dead.
In truth as you well know I hate Communism and every human being that is connected to communism and wants communism.
You see communism hates all freedom and liberty, for communism is no more than slavery.
Look at how much the Castro’s has shown us in the United States of America the propaganda and how well the people of Cuba where living. They never showed just how enslaved the people were. Yes it is true that the literacy rate was so very low that everyone could read. Okay but the fact was that according to Castro every Cuban had to read and write say what he wanted the people to say, and that is not freedom of speech.
Castro was a failure, and his style of governing proves that.
Here is a point to those that love both Hillary Clinton and Mr. Obama. These two did love Castro and the way he ruled as a communist leader. Well we can include Jill Stein in the same category as well. She even believed in Communism too. She just wore a mask to cover up the fact that she was a communist lover too.
Castro’s socialized medicine did not work, and both Hillary Clinton and Mr. Obama wanted to model Obamacare the very same way as Castro’s socialized healthcare.
You see the infectious diseases that spread from Communism did come to Cuba under Castro, for Castro is and was the Ebola of communist Cuba.
Note that all the liberals and democrats are the Castro’s of today in America, and there supporter like the transgender, LGBT, LGBTQ,cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, boys wearing girls clothing, girls wearing boys clothing, boys wanting to use girls bathrooms locker rooms or changing rooms, same-sex marriages or those who support this immoral lifestyle, sexual immoral, sexual immorality, perverts love communism, Lisbon’s’ and gays that want to raise children and their supports, those who love incest and bestiality, and so forth.
Yes those listed above are sad that their leader Castro is dead.
Amen that Castro is dead and now in Hell where he will be gnashing his teeth and whiling, whereby he will be tormented forever and ever. Say Amen. Amen.

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