Now is the time for Transgenders to confess that you are wrong.

Seeing that the transgender movement is the second civil war here in the United States of America. It is time that those who support or even claim the very phony idea that they are a transgender is real and they need special right[s] is as phony as a three dollar bill.

Being an LGBT and LGBTQ is just as phony as the transgender idea that is the real cause for the second civil war.

Okay you that are LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender and their supports love war, and I get that.

Now you are the true destroyer of life, liberty, freedom, the family. everything that is good, moral, mortality, marriage between just one man and one woman only,haters of life, you are haters of integrity, You are lovers of communism, and all Marxism, you hate government, you hate education, you hate the gender of your birth,you are despicable, you are all perverts, you are the destroyers of life it self, you are bigots, you are predigest, fools , foolish, lets face it you are all evil. Transgenders along with the LGBT, LGBTQ are the worst of all as human beings.

This fact is truth about each and everyone of you is that you are the real problems and your hate does show up on the net work news source that we see every night.

None of you belong in the United States military, or even in the work force or even seen in any public event.

You need no special right[s] at all. what you need is to listen and look at your heinous crimes that you have committed.

Shame on you telling boys that it is okay to say that they are born in the wrong body, and to say that those boys are to be allowed to wear female clothing, or to tell their parents that it is okay to dress and shame their sons into thinking it is okay to be a girl.

Shame on you to tell a boy that it is okay that the boy can use the girl or ladies bathroom to pee in and say it is okay for you say the boy is not a pervert like you are.

Shame on you for telling a girl that it is okay to wear boys clothing and to pretend to be a boy, and to say that the girl was born in the wrong body. Telling their parents that it is okay for their daughters to be a boy and to even use the boys bathroom like a boy would and to stand up to pee.

Yes the civil war is on and if you want to stop the civil war then you have to change your evil ways as liberals and to confess that you are wrong.

By the way same-sex marriage is just as evil and wrong as the transgender, LGBT, LGBTQ, for you should never be accepted as a married couple, and you do not have the same right[s] as a married couple that is between just one man and one woman only.

Listen LGBT, LGBTQ, transgender and those who support them and their ideas are lovers of both incest and bestiality and would like to have this form of sexual immoral and sexual immorality legal and away of life, plus they love to promote it even in the schools as good.

You want to even what you call bulling, then quit promoting and flaunting your perverted way of life and get back to living life with both moral and morality, for your way of life is so immoral and is a sexual immorality way of living.

This truth is so very clear that all liberals are true lovers of communism and Marxism, for they enjoy what Hitler promoted and taught you.



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