Seeing that the real facts and proof is that Transgender is pure phony

I would have to agree that all transgender people and those who happen to agree with the phony lie about being born in the wrong body like a transgender would claim has and will divide this once free nation, and is the real cause for the second civil war.

No human being that does disagree with the phony lie and those that are lairs saying transgender is real and told they must serve then in making a wedding cake or catering a party for the very phony transgender idea. should never be told they must cater to them even if they happen to disagree with transgender or same-sex marriage.

Note that I am going to use this as a example and only a example.

A boy is not born in the wrong body and his parents are wrong by even making such a preposterous and insane plus phony claim that they son should of been boy as a girl.

To make this claim means that these are real bad parents and should never  even raise the boy, and that boy should be removedfrom his parents for they are teaching him very ridiculous idea that their son should be raised as a girl.

That is correct here is no proof and the is a cite that can back up the claim the boy has and the parents of the boy has by saying he was born in the wrong body.

Liberal parents like those that make a claim that their son was born in the wrong body does show that all liberals can make a claim without any proof, for all they need is hearsay by another human being that would have no real proof of their claims. This is why all liberals love to listen to fantastic lies and all mythology as their proof. This also means all liberals hate integrity like Hillary Clinton does and every democrat would does as well.

Now a boy should never wear a dress or any girls clothing or they should never use the girls bathroom or locker room even a girls changing room. You see it is the parents of the boy that is teaching the boy to be a rapist, sex criminal (pervert) whereby that boy will do and commit sex crime or he will commit to do incest or even bestiality too. Yes that is what the parents or teach their son[s] to do. That is why this is bad parenting.

No the parents and their son claim they are being bullied. Well that is so very wrong, and yes the parents and their son are the real bullies, for it is their hate that shows up. I would even go as far as to say I am being hated by those that agree with the phony and ridiculous idea of claiming to be born in the wrong body, and they are even afraid of replying to this blog too.

I will say if someone does reply to this blog I would be surprised, for the liberals love to run and hide and not even back up their claims and they hate facts, and all proof that show they are lairs and are lying too.

Note all liberals do not know the meaning of the word love and they always will refuse to even know or learn the meaning of the word

love, for there is four words that are the real meaning to the word love, and the hint is from the Greek will define the word love by the way.

Finally a boy is not born as a girl.


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