Boy Forced to Wear a Dress

A boy was forced to wear a dress because he refused to take part in a opposite gender day celebration day in his school.

Here is some background for you to read and see.

The boy is 14 years old, and does not believe in the opposite gender, or being the opposite, nor anyone being born in the wrong gender at their birth. He even believes that it is wrong for a transgender to even use the opposite gender bathroom from their birth, locker room or even changing room.

Well because of his refusal to even want to take part in the opposite gender  day and wear and take part in the events dressed as the opposite gender. He was punished, for he was forced to wear a dress and he was forced to be a girl and he was forced to use the girl’s bathroom, but that was not all.

Hid parents did object to the fact that he was forced to do something against his faith and will. Now here is what the school and school authority had to say about that. They were looking for a 100% taking part in this activity so that they can end, bulling which he was not, and to show equality to be equal; therefore they felt that he had to be punished just for not taking part in the opposite gender day.

Note there is even more.

Okay the boy is a Christian, and according to his faith and his faith in God it is wrong for a boy to even wear girl’s clothing because what it says in Deuteronomy 22:5.

Now the school and school authority said that the boy has got to par-take in a school activity as such to promote acceptance and tolerance, plus diversity no matter what, and these things are part of Obama’s claim that it is okay for a transgender to use the opposite genders bath room and the school will receive federal funding if the school does promote this idea and to force those that do not even want to par-take in this activity to promote equal and equality.

Now the boy was told to report to the principal’s office the next day after he refused to even par-take in the opposite gender day wearing a dress and he did just that.

Well seeing that the boy was told to go to a room where he could have some privacy to change in he cloth and to put on the dress and undergarment that he was to wear. He did refuse to do that so the principal did call the police to help him into the room that was made private and they did request a female cop to help in the assistant of now forcing him into that changing room just to put on those girl’s clothing.

Now it took over one hour to get the boy to even wear the dress and to also get him out of the room where he was to change his cloths. Now he was also escorted from there to the class that he was in and yes the police made sure that he staid in school dress as a girl. He was even forced into the girls bathroom just because he had to go to the bathroom.

Okay the day ended, but he also was forced to go home wearing a dress, and was told because of the things that he was doing that day he had to also wear a dress and girl’s undergarments the next day and if he does not then he would be forced to do the very same thing.

now his parents was even told that they cannot even remove him from school and they cannot have him home schooled, nor go to a private school, for they determined that the other school would influence him in the wrong type of education.

So can everyone see just how evil and wrong it is to even force a boy in this case to even wear a dress against his will and faith.

One thing I forgot to say is that the boy was not one to make waives, or to even talk to anyone about his faith in God, for he was a very shy boy.

Was it right to force the boy to wear a dress? you tell me what you think? also what do you think about boys wear a dress? please tell me what you think?

Thank You



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