Transgender way of life is immoral

To say that transgender life is immoral, would be correct thing to say, for it is, plus there is no bases for a proof, truths, or facts with a cite that can even backup this immoral way of life.

Okay parents that say their son was born in the wrong body is teaching it is okay to be immoral. This is called bad parenting and you should have your children or child taken away if you even say your child or children are born in the wrong body. These are every evil parents.

There is no such thing as being born in the wrong body at all. Okay a liberal would say those things just to please the very phony idea of one “claiming” they are born in the wrong body. Only a fool would give into those very stupid ideas, and very ridicules ideas any ways.

Here is one thing those that happen to believe in this very phony idea are not going to even respond to this blog, for they are afraid of the truth, and they fear that in truth I am correct in what I am saying.

Here is one thing those who happen to agree with the phony lie even the very parents that are teaching their child or children that they are born in the wrong body may complain and say to others things about me is fine, but they will not even reply to my blog at all, for they fear the truth that they are wrong.

Myself I fear no other human being that can be found on the face of the earth. No not one.

Children or Child, if your parent teach you this very immoral thing called transgender. Do not even listen to your parents for they are teaching you immorality and a lifestyle of being immoral.

There is no integrity in thinking you are a transgender, and your parents have no integrity at all. Well like it is said transgender is no more that a lie told by the dumbest of the dumbest the liberals, psychologist, Democrats, Public Schools Teachers, Principals, Marxist,Communist, Socialist, Perverted Parents and people like these listed here.

To teach a boy that it is okay to use the girls’ bathroom, changing room, or even locker room is very wrong and evil to do and is very sick minded.

Thank You


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