There are many people claim to be a “Christian”

There are many people claim to be a “Christian”
Now being a Christian is not a very popular idea or thing to be in today’s world, for there is way to many secular organizations out there, and yes we can name a few that are pure hate groups that would say we are to be hated because we happen to believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior.
Here is just a small list of the true haters of Christians, and just maybe you are on this list too. So just beware of that.
Liberals, Democrats, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Some Republicans, All Muslims, Feminist,Homosexual, Transgender, Transsexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers, people who believe in same-sex marriage, people who believe in a boy has to right to wear girls’ clothing and play with girl’s toys, female who believe in being a Pastor, or a Minister, or the head of a church, Atheist, Agnostics, Idol worshipers, Satan follows, Pastor who believe in watering down the word of God, or those who teach it is okay to even sin for it is a small sin and will not hurt any one.
Yes this list is very small and only covers just a majority of the whole population of the earth. There could be even more added to this list, for I gave you the list from the majority and the ones that have causes the list to even grow. I could of even added a group call the freedom from religion foundation, ACLU, and their side group KKK, or a group like these too.
Like i said more groups and organizations could be add to the list, but it would take over a year to ass them all :therefore if you are part of a member of the list that is listed above them this sermon is for you to read and listen too.
Why do you hate God and His people us true Christians?
Is it because you hate yourself, or is it because you believe in having pride. Or is it the fact you just plainly hate to know and understand the truth.
All those that are part of that list would say that being humble and having humility is a sign of being weak,
Or is it the fact that God is Holy and Righteous and you that are on that list think that you are better than God and you can do things better than God.
In truth God hates all these things for they are no more than pathetic excuses and lies making those on the list as a lair that they are.
Here is one thing those on the list say that us Christians are to teach and preach in a building and hate the fact that a true Christian should be in a church on a Sunday only for just one hour or two only.
The real problem is to those on that list have no idea that God is everywhere and sees and knows everything even your sins, or even your demanding that everyone must except their sins and being okay. They even demand that God should except their sins and love them as a sinner with all their sins.
Those on that list use God as an excuse to their problems and us Christian are to be hated because we have pointed out their sins to them and say we are not to even judge them, but yet at the same time they happen to say it is okay for them to judge and hate all Christians, and to judge God as well.
There is just one problem with the ones that are on the list by saying what they are saying.
God does tells us human beings it is okay to examine ourselves as human belongs to point out and to help correct yourself in gaining to be a Holy human being, and yes that is correct that us human beings need to work on being a Holy human being and be a Believer in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Personal Savior. So then what is wrong with self improvement? Is that what a true Christian to do as a fellow believer in God? Why not? What is wrong in just trying to be Holy? Well in truth us human beings cannot be Holy, but God has declared us as Holy as long as well believe in Jesus Christian as our Lord and personal Savior.
So now why does those that are on the list hate it when us Christians even attempt to work to be Holy and so that we can have communication and fellowship with God. So what is wrong with that?
The ones that are on that list say us human beings must be equal to have equality; which is the very words the ones say when it comes to hating both God and us Christians. It is this reason and only reason why those on that list hate both God and us Christians.
You see the words and term to be equal to have equality take the words from the Marxist, Communist, idea that all human beings are born the same, for they even say all gender is to be the very same gender. the point is all those that are on that list even hate the gender that God has given us human beings, and those on that list also demand they must have control over all human beings and even say God is to be under their control. Amen.

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