Are you in the military or are you a civilian?

Are you in the military or are you a civilian?
Very good question to ask, but in truth if you are a fellow believer in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior you are in the Military as a real true Christian.
In truth you always been in a war for your whole life, but when you began to confess that Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. You did in truth did volunteer to be in the military.
Now you will be required to wear your military uniform both day and night, and you will sleep with your weapon at all times. You will eat with your military uniform on and with your weapon each and every time you eat your chow.
You will learn how to use your weapon, for without it you are a dead Military person and you are worthless and must be discarded like the chaff or wheat.
Now this is how you will wear your military uniform.
Your belt is the belt of integrity which means the belt of truth and honor. Men this goes around your waist to hold up your trousers and to keep your military jacket tight. Ladies your belt will be around your waist to keep your dress tight and where your waist band is to be. Reminder this is the belt of integrity. Without you are no more than a liar and you are dead worthless to the military.
You have a standing order that has been given to you by your Commander and Chief. Wear your belt. Keep it clear and shining at all times. Wear it even when you sleep and eat your chow. Your enemy hate the belt of integrity remember, and your answer will be for now on is Sir yes Sir or Sir No Sir do you understand that.
If you notice that your Commander and Chief has issued you a breastplate of righteousness, Wear it for you are to be Holy at all time and your enemy loves to get you to remove your breastplate of righteousness so that you will die and be unholy like he is. So wear it that is an order . Do you understand?
Next you will wear your feet fitted with readiness, for you never know when the Commander and Chief will have you charge into battle, plus a good soldier will have their feet protected at all times. You will be ready to go on a force march maybe a 10000000000000 miles or more without any rest. You will sleep with your protection of your feet on at all time both day and night Do you Understand? Without your feet protection you are as good as a dead person. You are worthless.
You will have your shield of faith with you always, for your enemy love to attack you without your shield of faith. This shield will protect and keep you save from everything the enemy can throw at you and mark my words he will do just that. You are a dead soldier without you shield of Faith.
Now you have a helmet of salvation with out it the enemy will cut off your head, and a headless soldier is a dead soldier.
Your helmet of salvation must be worn tight to your head, for it has the knowledge that will save your life when you fight the enemy in battle.
Now here are words that come from a man that did wear his full armor that was given to him by the Commander and Chief.
Martin Luther said this when he was talking to the Pastor and Minister. He said this that all Pastors and Minister are lazy and are the ones that remove their Military Uniform. These are the one that need their military uniform on at all time to be a good soldier, and a good demonstrator of just how to show all why you must wear your military uniform at all times. Do you understand? What I cannot hear you louder.
Now your weapon that was issued to you by the Commander and Chief.
Men you learn how to use this weapon, for without this weapon you are dead. Do you understand. Louder.
This weapon is a very fine peace, for it can shoot down the enemy at all times. You will learn how to clean it. You will learn how to load it. You will learn how to fire that weapon. You will keep it loaded, and at the ready at all times and every place you go even to the bathroom. Men you will give that weapon a girl’s name, for this weapon is your girl friend and she will protect you if you keep her with integrity in your minds.You will sleep with this weapon, eat your chow with this weapon. Now we will be on the drill field to learn how to march with this weapon. Do you understand?
You will honor the bullets that come our of this weapon when you fire this weapon.
Now when it comes time to kill your enemy there are two things that you need to know when you fire that weapon. Remember sight alignment, Sight picture, that way you know where that round is going. You will not be a sharp shooter or a marksman, no you will learn how to be an expert shooter, for an expert shooter can kill the enemy and the enemy will go away and will leave you forever and ever.
Now it is time to go out an drill on the drill field in order to prepare you for the battle of your lifetime.
That is right you are in the military if you are a believer in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. Amen.

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