The sin of LGBT and LGBTQ Pride Part 2.

The sin of LGBT and LGBTQ Pride Part 2.
Those that are lovers of the very evil and liberal idea of LGBT and LGBTQ are the vomit when it come to the very evil idea that comes from the very sexual immorality of cross-dressing and just how evil cross-dressing is.
Let us now take a very good look at Deuteronomy 22:5 “Deuteronomy 22:5 New International Version (NIV) 5 A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.” Now we can see why this evil sin is vomit to God, and why God calls this sexual immoral and a sexual immorality way of life too.
Us human beings can see that it is very clear that with this version that the word detest is used in the place of abomination.
Again us human beings should also look at the word pride and just how the LGBT and LGBTQ in truth use the word pride. Well we do not have to even dig to deep here for it is very clear that all those who happen to believe in being sexually immoral like the LGBT and LGBTQ are that they say why not wear the opposite genders clothing such as a minor like a we will say in this case as a good example a 5 year old boy wearing a dress.
To a liberal or a LGBT or LGBTQ person this very simple sin has no harm in it at all, but in truth it is vomit to God; therefore God does hate this sin and the sinner.
Now there are many that would say this is just a 5 year old boy and why would God hate him as a sinner?
That is a very good question and here is your answer to that one question.
Us human beings are born a natural sinner. But in this case whereby a boy may not know it is wrong for him to wear girls’ clothing we would have to even point the finger to the very ones that God has chosen to be in authority over him who are his parents. You see if you teach a child it is okay to sin against God then you are teaching that child it is okay to disobey all authority even the governing authority that has bee placed over him by God.
You as parents are also teaching the boy in this case as our example it is okay to now hate all and everything and everyone with pride. You could even say to be proud and to have pride to do other evil and to hate agape. Agape is a Greek word that translate to mean friends. This type of pride has shown up in today’s words as to even mean to if you happen to disagree with the LGBT and LGBTQ then they are the very first to say things like bigot, homophobic and they display it not with any love or passion, but with their hate to us and their hate to God.
Well in truth it is the LGBT and LGBTQ along with those who support their agenda to ave sexual immoral and sexual immorality as the only way to life and they even want to god as far to say that us human beings that believe in God must say that God goofed and God is a lair, plus us human beings that happen to believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and person Savor must water-down the scriptures in order to please them. To please the sin of pride is just what they are asking. Plus they say us human beings that happen to believe in God can only preach and teach what they want to say and to just forget about what God says.
We in the past year I heard such a very liberal evil man say these very words, and this is just what he said. I am the Pope and I say what God says and what God will do, and all the very evil LGBT and LGBTQ are welcome to have their agenda and ways into the Church and it is good to see a boy wear girls’ clothing and to have same-sex marriage, and the Church is to promote the sin call sexual immorality and sexual immoral as a good way to live. He even said that pride is okay.
Now that is called blasphemy against God. That is a sin that God will never forgive unless one does repent. In truth the one who commits blasphemy against God will never repent anyways, for they are full of pride like the Pope.
Okay according to Deuteronomy 22:5 God does give us human beings a warning as well, and we should learn to this very warning too.
God calls Cross-dressing as a abomination. What Does God say about sin and being a sinner?
Number one is that God will not even know you, and you will not be able to even have fellowship with God and you will not be able to even enter into heaven. You will be cast into Hell to live with Satan in unquenchable fire and darkness with no hope forever and ever. You also be whaling and gnashing of your teeth forever and ever. This darkness has no light. The unquenchable fire will not even be light, for you will be blind forever and ever. This is the warning that comes from God.
This is the price that all those who love the idea of being an LGBT and LGBTQ and those who happen to agree with them and their agenda, plus to those parents that say to their son[s] it is okay to wear girls’ clothing, for there is no harm in doing that. Plus these very same parents are saying it is okay to hate and to use name calling like homophobic or bigot to those who just happen to disagree with them and their very evil agenda.
You see the only type of love any and all liberals, LGBT, and LGBTQ happen to understand is self gratification, meaning to have sexual activity with them self, or with another person of the very same gender.Which is sexual immorality by the way. God does hate this, and does call it vomit. Note there is no freedom and liberty with this evil lifestyle, for all they want is force and to make it a requirement that one must agree with them of they will put you in jail.
By cross-dressing and going against God to what He has said in Deuteronomy 22:5 would also mean that you even hate yourself, for with pride does mean to hate, and yet all LGBT and LGBTQ happen to be the real bullies and in truth are the Marxist that love to force by saying there should be no more U.S.Const.amend.I
Now do you see just how evil wearing the opposite gender clothing is? Amen.

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