The Nation of Israel

Who’s land is it?
Now what does that question have to do with God?
Well in truth the answer to that very question God does answer it for us human beings.
Well you are wondering just what are we talking about and what land are we talking about or we could say which nation are we talking about.
Okay we are talking about the Nation of Israel and the history of Israel.
So now you have asked why is the Nation of Israel so important to us human beings?
Or you may ask this why is a nation whereby the land is worthless with any resources or any Gold, Silver, no oil can be found there so important to us human beings?
The answer to these questions can be found in the Book of Genesis 11:27-32 from a grandson of Noah in the City of Ur in Babylonia.
It was the grandson of Noah who is the founding father of the nation of Israel, for this grandson did everything by faith and all of this was because he had faith in God.
Now who’s land is it?
We happen to know this land the nation of Israel does not belong to the Palestinians nor to any occult group or organization called Islamic State of Muslim.
This land belongs to Israel and only Israel, and the Palestinians, and other nations even the occult group or organization called Islamic State of Muslim have no right and cannot even claim to be the rightful owners to the Nation of Israel. This land belongs to the Nation of Israel only. The history is the Nation of Israel will prove that, and the history of the Grandson of Noah will even prove that.
Let us now that a very good look at the timeline and history of the founder of Israel and the grandson of Noah.
If we look at around the year 1813 B.C. in the City of Ur in Babylonia the son of Terah and his mother’s name is Amathlaah was born. At the age of 70 in the year 1743 B.C God call the grandson of Noah to go to a land whereby he knew nothing about and which way to travel and to take his family with his wife to Canaan what is now the Nation of Israel.
For your information this trip would of taken about 30 years to make and the grandson of Noah would of gotten to now the Nation of Israel around the year 1710 B.C…
Now we also know that God did tell the grandson of Noah that he would have a son and he was to be the father of many Nation, for that was the very purpose of the trip in the very first place, for what very rich man who is 70 years old would just up root and move to a new land and to be the founder of the Nation of Israel and other Nations as well?
You got to keep in mind that he had to take camels, donkeys, other cattle, a lot of human beings even his relatives like his nephew and in order to take this trip it would be very slow going that is why we should say about 30 years as a very good guess.
Okay let us now move forward in the timeline to where the Name of Israel came about and just what the words of Israel real means.
In it is time to go back to Genesis 32:22-32 where Jacob does wrestle with God, Then it was God who changed the name of Jacob to Israel which does mean “To wrestle with God”; therefore the Nation of Israel does mean to wrestle with God. It is for this very reason why the Nation of Israel does wrestle with God always.
Now let us human beings just skip ahead to more of the history of the Nation of Israel. and let us move to around the year.586 B.C. when the Nation was taken over by Babylonia; Jerusalem and First Temple destroyed; most Jews exiled. It was this one event that scattered the Jewish Nation of Israel to all parts of the world, and note after 69 out of the 70 year of captivity in Babylonia the Jews and other nations that where held captive was set free to go back, but not everyone did go back for they loved living in Babylonia and just stayed.
Now moving even more forward let us now look at the timeline about 70 B.C. when Rome invited the Nation of Israel, whereby the most important event will happen that would change the world forever. now this even did not come about until 33 B.C. in Israel. Yes the worldview would even change as well because of this one single invent that did happen in Israel in the year 33 B.C. and it is this very event that happened is why the land called the Nation of Israel does belong to Israel, for it was a birth of a child a male child that is the event that took place that world bring about a worldview of hate and it is because of the birth of this man whereby the world was changed forever and ever. It is the worldview of the secular world that would turn away and hate the birth of this man. This man would be the Beginning of the Christian Church on earth. It is the faith of the Christian Church and the foundation of the Christian Church that the world does hate. It is the death of this man, and the way He was Executed plus the fact this man did rise from the Dead is why the world hates all Christians and Jews even today.
Now let us move even more to the timeline of the Nation of Israel and go to 1517-1917 AD. the Ottoman empire now rules. It was around 1517 that a group called Palestinians came out of the Nation Syria and took over the Nation of Israel. now for 200 years the Nation of Israel did not even exist and more and as we can even look more in to the time line of the Nation of Israel this even took place around 1882 whereby the Hebrew language was recovered, for when the Ottoman Empire took over and the Palestinians took over the Hebrew language became extinct and would be lost forever, but until a Russian discovered the lost extinct Hebrew language. You see there was no Jews living in what was know back then Palestine.
Let us move to 1917 when for the very first time a Nation finally recognize the Nation of Israel by the British government.
You see it is the Palestinians that never was ever even recognized as a sovereign nation. Note it is very important to be a recognized as a sovereign Nation; therefore the Palestinians have no right[s] and cannot even have the right[s] to claim Israel as their home land. The Jews are the only ones that have the right[s] to every inch of Israel.
Okay let us return to 1896 when the flag of Israel came about, and note Israel was not even a nation at the time. This flag is the very same flag as the Nation of Israel uses even today.
Time to time travel to May 14th 1948 All the Jews got to return to the land what is now called The Nation of Israel.
Is it very interesting just how God does keep His promises and how he had the Jews return to Israel.
Now Palestinians do not belong in the Nation of Israel and so do the occult group and organization of the Islamic State of Muslims.
Yes we that are Christian can occupy the Nation of Israel with the Jews, It is our birth place.
As you can also see that even after 200 years of being extinct God has and is the only one that can do this miracle. God used those who hate Him to do His plans and to do His work.
The real answer is the Land does belong to God. Amen.

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