Questions to ask

In truth I am asking some questions just trying to get some ideas how everyone feels about these ideas that we are having as issues with politics in general.

  1. How do you feel about men wearing a dress or skirt in public?
  2. Would you feel very comfortable if you saw a man or a boy wearing a dress all the time?
  3. Should men or a boy wear a dress or skirt at all?
  4. should be just a boy wearing a dress at all?
  5. What age should a boy start to wear a dress?
  6. Should all male or boys clothing just be eliminated all together?
  7. Would you as a man or boy buy a dress or skirt to wear?
  8. If you think a boy or a man should be able to wear a dress or skirt, then what would you say  about men or boys wearing  female undergarments as well, and should they wear female undergarment too?
  9. If men or boys are made to wear a dress well even female undergarment too should a story just sell only female clothing only to everyone?
  10. If you happen to agree with men and boys wearing just female clothing all the time is that also called being equal to have equality too?
  11. By having men and boys wear female clothing only why not have them wear makeup?
  12. By having men and boys wear female clothing then do that get rid of the gender problems that we have today? Plus would this make everyone the same gender?
  13. By having all the boys and men wear the very same clothing as a woman does, then do all you ladies and girls like that idea too?
  14.  Okay now that you have just seen these questions your integrity well if you do not know what integrity means it mean to have honor and to be Honorable. Would it be possible to have your very honest answer please if you even want to take this challenge?  Thank You.
  15. Feel free to respond as honest as you can be. Thank You

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