Obama and Hillary Clinton hate the people of Louisiana

Obama does not even care about those that live in Louisiana for in his own mind saying 4 is just what he loves to do with the rich by playing Golf.
If you have ever notice Obama is always on vacation playing golf or on a trip to Disney World.
I would like to point out that only one Presidential Candidate was willing to even visit the flood zone and the people in Louisiana.
Now if anyone has any humanity and I say again any humanity it looks like Obama and the devil with the blue pant suit on the very evil Marxist Hillary Clinton would have none. Neither one of them would have none. We can understand that Obama being a member of the occult group and organization Islamic State of Muslim would have no humanity because all Muslims are taught not to have none. Hillary Clinton does not have any humanity for she is a Marxist, and according to what a Marxist is that they are forbidden to have any humanity, and seeing that there is evidence that she is a member of the very evil occult group and organization of Islamic state of Muslim and the ISIS part she is also forbidden to even have any humanity at all. Read Sharia Law[s] as my source, for it is in Sharia Law that States no Muslim is to have any humanity.
Seeing that the puppet and clone of Obama does hate humanity and hates everything but her Marxist way we can say in truth that she is like Kim Jung-UN of North Korea, or Like Joseph Stalin, whereby he murdered over 300,000 of his own people because he did not like them. The Chinese who love to put people on a cross just because they are only a Christian. I know because I was a witness to this act of Murder by the Chinese people.
this is a fact if the people of Louisiana want Obama to come down to see the flood problem they need to find a golf course for him to play on. Well if they want to have the devil with the blue pant suit on Hillary Clinton well they must surrender to Satan himself.

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