Hillary Clinton is friends with ISIS

Now being a very good legal scholar I have made a discovery about both Bill and Hillary Clinton and it has to deal with the occult group and organization Islamic State of Muslim, and it has to deal with an adviser that they had and used while Bill Clinton was President.
I saw where a member of ISIS which is a member of the Occult group and Organization of the Islamic State of Muslim.
The Clinton’s did agree that Sharia Law[s] should be allowed as the law[s] of the United States of America, and there should be every American to be forced to convert or honor the evil occult group and organization the Islamic state of Muslim.
Also with this discovery i found out that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton did secretly did convert from being a Methods to being a member of the occult group and organization.
Now this is a very interesting thing that was discovered and very interesting fact[s].
If you remember President Bill Clinton was impeached for a violation of his marriage, by having sexual relationship with a woman out of marriage which is called adultery. which is a crime. Okay not according to a source Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton had to convert to the occult group and organization of Islamic State of Muslims, and that is just what they did. not this came from a ISIS man that was a adviser to the Clinton’s.

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