A male runs in a ladies Olympic 800 meter event just to win Gold

In truth man should never run in the ladies 800 meter event in track and field just to try and get a gold medal.

Yes it is truth that a man was allowed to run in the 800 meters in the Rio Olympics dressed as a woman so that he could win a gold medal.

Okay he does claim to be a woman and the fact is even dressed like a woman and trying to pass as a woman there was just a few problems.

He was taking hormones because he would like to be a female, but if you look at him you could see that he needed a shave. He his body looked like a man’s body he needed to shave his legs.

that man should of been not even allowed to even run in the ladies 800 meters or even be allowed to even be in the Olympics in Rio.

Here is the real proof that men should never take part in a event in the Olympics that is meant for women only.

Okay just because he could not even qualify as a man in the 800 meters, and it was his dream to run in the Olympics in the 800 meters as a man so he put on a dress and claimed to be a lady so that he could win a go;d medal in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Now this is called cheating and cheating a real woman to win the gold medal in the 800 meters.  Yes that man is a cheater and the country that he came from is a country that will do anything even cheat.

Note a man is a man no matter what he wants to be even if he wants to be a female.

I would of disqualified him and force him to compete as a man.

The real proof is that all those who claim to be a transgender even a boy or a girl that claims to be the opposite gender are no more that a liar and have no integrity at all, plus like to be without any honor as a human being.



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