It is good to see transgender not allowed into opposite genders bathroom

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided that a Virginia school board can block a girl who identifies as a boy from using the boys’ restroom when school starts next mouth.

This is a great victory, because the Supreme Court is tell all you that believe in transgender and say that there in not one thing wrong will also lose any and all of your cases in any court.

The victory belongs to us that believe in the sexual morals and living a lifestyle of morality; whereby a girl cannot even claim that she is a girl just so that she can use the boys bathroom at all. The same thing for a boy trying to even claim to be a girl just to use the girls bathroom.

You that are a liberal/democrats think you won because you happen to believe in that it is okay to be sexual immoral and to have sexual immorality a way of an lifestyle as okay. Then think again. You will loose each and every time.

It is even more clear that you that think it is okay for your son[s] to be wearing female clothing and to be playing with girls toys and to train them to be a girl, well you are so wrong, for it looks like it is illegal to even force your immoral way of thinking onto us that believe in being moral is the correct way of living. The very same words are for you that want or say that it is okay for daughter[s] to be boy and wearing boy[s] clothing and or playing with boy[s] toys.

I would like to also take timeout here to say I do not have any children yet, but I would teach my child or children that it is wrong to even think you are born in the wrong body like the liberals and democrats do with their immoral way of thinking.

I would say that the Supreme Court had the one thing that you liberals and democrats do not have and they had cite[s] that prove there is no such thing as being born in the wrong body. That is why I always asked you for a cite if you happen to disagree with me.

Yes this is a ruling that was handed down the a school board in Virginia, but this is the ruling that every school board should be aware of and to honor the ruling of the Supreme Court.

It looks like the very evil liberal Judges has no other choice but to agree , because there was no cite[s] to backup this girls claim that she was to be born as a boy and had every right to use the boys bathroom.

Parents should be allowed to punish their child or children if they thing they are born in the wrong body and trying to use the opposite gender bathroom.

This also shows that it is very bad parenting if they even allow their child or children to dress in the opposite gender clothing and or even play with the opposite genders toy or game, or even act like they are the opposite gender at all. Yes punishment for those parents too, and anybody else that would happen agree that people are born in the wrong body, or even teach these phony ideas  into a child’s or children head.

It is so very clear that Governor Jerry Brown of California was wrong when he and he alone started the very evil and pathetic transgender idea was wrong by signing into law the “California bathroom law” in 2014.

Seeing being a transgender is sexually immoral, I would still have to ask can anyone even come up with just one cite[s] to say otherwise? that does sound like a great challenge to make.

Thank you



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