All Feminist are a true Hate Group

Why do feminist in truth just hate?

A good question to ask by the way, for as far back to the year 1968 I always had a problem with feminist even though I was just a very shy 14 year old boy, and now I still have the very same problems as I did in 1968.

Yes there is a very interesting story that I now feel real comfortable telling that happen to me in 1968 as a 14 year old boy that had a lot that does deal with the feminist on that time period, but this very same event also help me deal with the feminist of today.

Okay many say that freedom and liberty is no more, for a real hate group called feminist, but in truth when one listen to the words that a feminist use is not words of freedom and liberty. For example they love to use the words force, equal and equality, and mandate. In truth if you even decide to even listen to the words of the Marxist, Communist, Democrats, or even the Socialist you would hear the very same words.

Let me just go back to what happen to me in 1968 as a very shy 14 year old boy as my example of what i am saying here.

The one question just to keep in mind is this why me?

Okay to tell a story real shortly and to the point in 1968 I had my scheduled changed so that I could not take shop classes like a boy would in 1968. Now seeing that in 1968 with my new scheduled class so that the feminist would be pleased by having me take drama, co-ed phy-ed/health class, and a home education class was not what I wanted to do.

The point her is being forced to do something by a group like the feminist and yes those things that I was to do was in matter of fact where both mandated and made mandatory for me to take by a very liberal feminist principal at the school that I was attending in 1968.

Now in truth I did not like any of those classes any ways, but I would like to point out another thing that does point out that feminist love to force and have things as a mandate or to try and make something mandatory requirement.

It was an event that happened in drama class with another very liberal feminist drama teacher that will prove that all feminist are all haters and a member of hate group.

Being a very shy boy there was thing that I did not even want to do, and my very liberal feminist drama teacher want everyone to be in a musical play that she felt would make a wonderful play to preform. Okay that is what drama class is all about and leaning about the history of different plays and types of plays which is very fine to do, but I just did not even want to be in that play.

Now the point is this just like the feminist of 1968 whereby they wanted to force and make mandates and have thing mandatory or a requirement, even force their worldview onto all, are still doing just the very same thing as they did even back in 1968.

It these things that make it very easy to say that all feminist are what we can call them as Marxist, Communist, or even a Socialist by doing and demanding the very same things as those that are Marxist, Communist, or even Socialist are.

Okay what all feminist want is all men to be women just like they are so that they can be equal to have equality. This is just

In matter of fact just like I was told in 1968 that the feminist wanted to see us boys wear the very same clothing as they do, and in my case in 1968. The very same thing the very liberal feminist would like to see happen today for the idea of having equality to be equal. Yes I have been told this very thing today as well by very liberal feminist today, and note the feminist even said this would make things equal in order to have equality. Plus i have been told that men should wear a dress or skirts only.

Well in the case of all very liberal feminist the face is truth that indeed they are all members of a hate group.


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