All transgender should be illegal

The fact is truth that a person trying to even pass themselves off as transgender should be illegal, for it is a sexual immoral idea and a lifestyle of sexual immorality.

To say that one is even born in the wrong body is even immoral.

To even promote this type of sexual immoral way of life should be illegal, and even the sexual immoral lifestyle that this does promote.

Parents teaching your child that it is okay to be a transgender is even immoral to do and is bad parenting.

So parents why are you promoting or saying it is okay to a child that they are born in the wrong body?  Is it the fact you love the idea of sexual immorality as a lifestyle for your child or children. That is exactly what you are teaching your child or children when you are either teaching or promoting the very evil idea of the immoral transgender. You parents have no proof that one can be born in the wrong body any ways, so why teach something that is immoral and wrong?

A psychologist or some that works in psychology have no idea of how to raise a child or even yet have no right[s] to say it is okay for you to allow your child to think they were even born in the wrong body any ways. They have no cite[s] or even one proof. So why listen to a person that has no idea of what they are even talking about? Note all they want to is to get your hard earn money to tell a lie and to be lairs. So why listen to them?

Here is a fact a boy that is born a boy at his birth is a boy for the rest of his life. Fact two a girl that is born a girl at her birth will always be a girl for the rest of her life.

Parents why force your son[s] to wear a dress and say it is okay when in truth you are being a bad parent when you do just that.

Thank You


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