Vote Libertarian

It is your right[s] to vote.
It is time to vote for Libertarians, and turn our government back to the way our founding father wanted the government to be from the beginning.
According to§ it is illegal to even have a State government as large and out of control as we have it today with both the Marxist/Democrats and the Republicans, for this is not a democracy but is to be a republic whereby the people rule for the government is by the people, for the people,and in my words to be working for the people.
In the State of Wisconsin Anderson should be the next Senator, and not the Marxist Communist Russ Feingold has a career Dictator politician that cannot even tie his shoe without permission from his god Obama or Hillary Clinton. Both by the way do hate freedom and liberty so much that they even sold their souls to Satan himself. Both are haters of common scene. Senator Johnson I am not even sure about what to think, but if he is like the republicans then I would say No.
That is why please vote Libertarian and return back to freedom and liberty as we had it from 1776.
Keep this Constitutional Law in mind as you vote as well The Immigration Act of 1952. The Marxist Democrat just hate this part of the Constitution and are refusing to enforce this law[s], because the are loves of ISIS and the rest of the occult groups and organization the come from the Occult groups and organization called Islamic State of Muslims. Note it is from this one single group and occult organization whereby all the Terrorist come from in the very first place. Now that is very interesting that we find the only occult group and organization where terrorist come from is the occult group and organization call Islamic State of Muslims.
if you like to have your head cut off and I mean beheaded than you will vote for the Marxist Democrats like Russ Feingold.
Keep in ind it is your right to choose today, but the next election you may not have that right if you vote for the Marxist Democrats. So choose.


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