Global Warming does not exist

Seeing that there is no cite[s] that show that there is any global warming even exist. This would mean that the person that Started this idea Al Gore is a lair and a phony person trying to create a panic by make a heroins and false statements and claims just like a true Marxist/liberal/communist/socialist that he is.

Only a liberal/democrat/Marxist/communist/socialist would even believe that there is even global warming without any actual proof, for that is what a cite[s] would show with such a very dumb idea to produce a panic over a problem that does not even exist at all.

The fact is human beings do not and cannot even control the climate or has a right to even try to control the climate.

Okay all liberals/Marxist/democrats/communist/socialist think they are and know better than God, and are saying that God cannot even control the climate.

This is a real fact that the Ice shelf in Ant-Artistic is getting bigger should tell us human beings that there is no such   as global warming. This should show that the earth does tilt.

Here is one other fact that the temperature of the earth climate is not getting warmer, for it is almost the same as it was 100 year ago.

Okay it is true that all liberals/democrats/Marxist/Communist/Socialist love to make and hit the panic button more that anything and tell lies and are know to be the biggest lair that there is and they love to take the word of someone that tells lies without any cite[s], proof, facts, or even a truth.

Note that all liberals/democrats/Marxist/communist/socialist are lovers of a one world government so that they can have full control of every human being on the face of the earth. UN Agenda 21 is the prime example and so is Hillary Clinton who is a Marxist is one that wants to see every America be under the control of the United Nations  so that she can be come a dictator to the United States of America. She is a great fool, plus she has stated the she knows and is better than God. The Communist and Marxist use the very same words as she uses.

Global warming is a phony idea that only a fool would believe, and yes they are great fools too.

There is no way for even one human being is able to even control the climate.


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