There is no such thing as a Transgender

The biggest question where is the cite that can prove that transgender is even a real thing.

Now according to all transgender or those that say transgender is real say God has goofed.

Now how can a Holy and Righteous Being who is the Creator of all things even goof when it comes to a gender of a human being?

To answer this very question is God cannot make any mistakes or goof at all. To goof or make a mistake is a sin; therefore there is no Holy and Righteous Being would even exist.

There would be no way for any and all human beings to exist nor the whole universe.

Transgender is immoral and a very phony idea that comes from those who want to be a pervert. This sexual immoral lifestyle is the end of sovereignty, end of  a family, end of the existence of all human life on the face of the earth.

You cannot choose the gender you want to be after you are born, for either you are born with female gentiles or male gentiles, and God is the only one who does determine whether you are a female or a male.

So the biggest question is where is the liberal cite[s] that can prove with facts that transgender is even real?


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