All Liberals/Democrats Just Hate All Things Good

There is a lot of truth that all liberals/democrats do in matter of fact hate all things good and are lovers of all things evil.

When people like those that are liberal/democrats say it is good to have control over everything even the lives of us human Beings.

We can see this when we hear Hilary Clinton say that the government must have full control of all things for the government is better that God, and the government is the god than is even greater than God.

You see Hillary Clinton says she is above the law and greater that the law[s]. The law is God.

You know hat Satan said these very words when he did commit the very first sin against God. Now then seeing that Hillary Clinton said the very same words a Satan did does mean that she is the god that everyone must worship.

One thing that is very interesting is the communist happen to say the Very same thing as Satan did too.

It is this reason why all liberals/democrats are the true haters of all things good and they are willing to promote evil as good.

It is very interesting that those that love to follow in the very same direction as the liberals/democrats are also lovers of hate and love to persecute, bully, and name call those who do not hate and are  the ones that love God, and also are those that hate all Christians. This is very interesting.

These same people are lovers of the very evil thing call tolerance and diversity, for they are haters of God and all Christians. This too is very interesting too.

This very same people the liberals/democrats also hate morals and morality as a lifestyle, and yet they love the idea of one must life an sexual immoral life like transgender, LGBT, LGBTQ, cross dressing, gay, transsexual, transvestite, incest. these same people the liberals/democrats are the lovers of the very evil immoral same-sex marriage and domestic partnership. The hate the fact that God calls all these thing as a sin, and they hate all Christians for not going and promoting these sins as okay to do, and to go against God.

There are those liberals/democrats that say they are in full control of the climate, for they feel that the know better than God and can control the climate better god. Yet they do not understand that there is no such thing as global warming, or the climate going out of control. the fact and truth is there is no way for any human being can be able to control the climate.

Here is a question why is there problem with the ozone layer at all, and why is the south pole article Ice cap getting bigger? and why is there no problem with the North Ice cap either? what proof is there that the Ice Caps are melting? there is none.

Why are the liberals/democrats say to ISIS it is okay to come and behead anyone that disagree with their occult group and/or organization?

What all of this means is that all liberals/democrats do hate all human beings that are lovers of freedom and liberty.

Seeing that Common Core Standards come from the Communist and the liberals/democrats have said this is the only way to teach all children in all schools, for they say the government is the only one that can and must teach all children and the parents and grandparents have no right[s] to teach their children as the feel fit to do so. the government say thank you for giving birth to that child, but the government say that child belongs to me.

As you can see with your own eyes the truth of just how all liberals/democrats are the ones that love to hate, and are in matter of fact haters of all things moral and humanity.

The liberals and democrats hate all type of home schools, Church Schools, private school, choice schools, charter schools, protocol schools, and even the teaching of God.

All liberals/democrats in truth want to control speech and the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, because they are the true haters of free speech, and the right to worship God. Even in all public ares, for they feel there is no God.


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