Should A Boy Be Aloud to Wear girls’ Clothing?

Now that is a very good question to ask seeing that there are more and more parents saying yes it is okay.

Now why or should I ask when this was was idea in truth brought to light?

In truth if you look at history you would find that this very idea does go as far back as 18oo’s to a point whereby Feminist in matter of fact would burn their corsets in protest of men as one would guess, but there is even more to having boys wear girls clothing.

Yes it is true that boys did wear dresses and was dressed up in girls’ clothing and that is not the point at all of this blog.

The real point of this blog is to ask the very question that I just asked as it would protein to today’s worldview.

Now all feminist would love to see their son’s wear girls clothing, and you know what the same would go for their husbands too. Okay they would love to see all men wearing a dress too.

That statement would fit all those feminist in the whole wide world.

Now yes it would be very nice to hear from everyone, but I know there are those who refuse to say anything at all. And you are welcome to stay silent too.

I could answer say it this way even as far back as 1968 I had a very interesting thing happen to me and it was not a fun thing or a funny thing either, for it had to involve feminist from 1968. This also cause a problem with me every since.

The fact was in 1968 as we can recall history and you can look this up too that on September 7th, 1968 the was a protest of the 1968 Miss america Beauty Contest. For some reason and i still don’t know why I was chosen for in 1968 I was a very shy boy and I did not like to be around people at all, for my age was 14 years old.

I was forced into taking a drama course and yes I love to see a live performance on stage as well even today. Well there was a problem   I did not even want to be in that drama class, for all I wanted to do was to take shop and other classes for boys only.

It was later on that the feminist later on wanted to have boys take classes that were just meant for girls only and to have girls take classes for boys only. So I was forced into a drama class, a home economic, and a brand new idea back in 1968 co-ed Phy-ed/heath class. I hated this idea, for I was the only boy in that class.

In the home economics I was the only boy in that class too.

Now let me get back to drama class and say that when we were studying  Shakespeare and our drama teacher made the point that all males back in Shakespeare’s day had to play all the parts in the play. Okay that was back in those day female were not allow to even be on stage to preform. I got it. It was the very next thing that I hated the most. our very feminist drama teacher said that we were going to preform the musical play Oklahoma. Okay that would be fine, but no that is not it.

Now as a very shy boy you would not even get me on stage at all, but my very feminist drama teacher made me do it with a leading role. And from this point on you could guess which role that was.

Now to answer my own question I gave you some background to why I asked it in the very first place. I feel that a boy should never wear any girl’s clothing and a man should never even wear any female clothing at all.

It is wrong and there is no way anyone can even come up with any proof that says other wise.

No I am not mad or angry about what happened to me in 1968 at all.

People a boy should be wearing clothing for a boy only and not for a girl. that is the point that I am making.

Thank You



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