What Is Wrong With Transgender


All transgenders are the cause of the destruction of life as we know it yesterday and today.

This book will show why and tells why all transgenders are the destruction of life.

It was Governor Jerry Brown that started the whole destruction of life by allowing those transgenders to use the opposite bathroom, locker room, or changing rooms. Note this is the only State whereby it is legal to be a sexual immoral and the lifestyle of sexual immorality is legal; therefore all LGBTS,gays, cross-dressers, transgenders, transsexuals,transvestites, parents of the transgenders, and those who love to perform incest and bestiality can live in their immorality and immoral ways.

Yes when there is a liberal/democrat/Marxist Governor like Governor Jerry Brown you have anarchy, ciaos, and a lot of hate. Now the transgender say there must be peace and there will be no peace, because of their shame and the willingness to destroy life.

I know for a fact that the book that I am asking you to read has been nailed to the door of Governor Jerry Browns office in California and a sign to have an open debate and so far the man has refused to do so because he knows that he is wrong and does fear the truth. The debate is welcome with open arms and open mind just as well.

This same book has been also nail to the Vatican door to challenge the Pope to the very same debate with is open to debate the very same way.

This same book was nailed to the White House door to challenge a debate in the same manor, for these challenges must be made to prove that transgender and the rest of the sexual immoral and the lifestyle of sexual immorality is a lie and must end.

The same goes for anyone else if they wish to even take up the challenge too. That debate is open, but beware you must have a cite to even backup your claim.  Yes this is an open debate and only an open debate.

I can see there are many transgenders and transgender lover out there who fear such a debate, for they hate the idea that they are wrong.

Now is the time just to try and prove your case and prove what you are saying is true.

By nailing my thesis to the door mean that is my way of saying I challenge anyone and all to this open debate.

What is wrong with transgender? fine the truth in my book and read the facts and proofs, and the truth that I make in my book.

Now you have the challenge are you willing to an open debate, or do you fear i am right by saying transgender is no more that a lie and those that promote it are lairs.

Thank You
















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