Transgender Are The Real Haters

All transgenders are the real haters that spread their hate agenda against both freedom and liberty, and the  traditional family.

In truth there is no cite that can even prove one thing they say about being born in the wrong body.  With that in mind it would be truth to say that every transgender has told a lie and are even lairs. This would include those children that even claim to be transgender and their parents too.

A transgender should never be allowed into the opposite genders bathroom, locker room, or changing room even in all public schools or any public places where there is a public gathering.

A boy should never wear a dress or play with any and all girls toys, those parents that let their son wear a dress or any girls clothing or even play with girl’s toys are wrong to teach their son the wrong ideas and things.

All transgender and this would include the children that want to be a transgender is the real reason for the new civil war in the United States of America.

All parents of their transgender children are to be held both accountable and are responsible for telling the lies and how much harm they are doing to their own children.

All transgenders and their parents are lover of the sexual immorality and the sexual immoral way or living and lifestyle. They are the lovers of all evil and wanting evil to be good.

Transgenders should never be in the military. This would mean in the United States Marine Corps where they want just a few good men only.

All transgender hate even their parents and themselves.


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