Transgender is a disgrace to life.


4 thoughts on “Transgender is a disgrace to life.”

  1. The Gender Creative Child, by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., and The Transgender Child, by Stephanie A. Brill and Rachel Pepper. Start there, then move up to more complicated and scholarly works, *if* you can handle them. Hopefully, one day, your eyes will be opened with knowledge. Have a good life.


    1. First thing I have to say thank you for responding to me post I enjoy that idea even if you happen to disagree.
      I will say I am not a fan of anything that comes from Psychology, for a very good reason why. The one reason is I do not and will not believe in physiology for those who study physiology are all phonies in the first place. So you can see there would be no trust at all in what they say.Now if these books and a movie is no cite by the way a book on the other hand could be a cite. I even wrote a book that you should read to be far about all of this and that is truth. Now the book is my thesis that I wrote that would ever back up what I am saying here too so please feel free to read a copy too just to be fair, for in order to debate a very good scholar like me would review both side of an good argument too. So I will read and review these book only and no movies.
      Is what I am saying fair?
      Thank You


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