Transgender is a disgrace to life.

All those human beings that claim to be a transgender is a disgrace to life, family, or even being a human being. This is a law that allows sexual immorality to run rampant  and free Cal. Const. am…

Source: Transgender is a disgrace to life.


4 thoughts on “Transgender is a disgrace to life.”

  1. You are an ignorant asshole. So blinded by your own fearfulness, and fanatical devotion to mythology. You, you are the one doing evil in this world.

    Worry about what’s going on in your own pants and mind your business, you fucking weirdo.


    1. the truth is the very evil transgender is something that is our business and seeing you never gave a cite like all those who love the very evil transgender idea and their lie that has been told has not even shown or give a cite that even proves one thing.Now would be a time to show your cite, but I know you will not.
      It is true that you hate the real truth, and you have the real facts, and the real proofs that transgender is no real.
      Okay you hate integrity and you are a lover of all lies that are told to you without a cite to backup a lie like transgender.
      Now the truth is I have no fear , and I have no phobic as you and the ones who refuse to even bring in just one cite to backup what you are saying.
      Transgender cannot even exist for it is impossible to be even born in the wrong body. That is the cite that I would have to see and read to see your claim. No prove it.
      Note I will keep on preaching and teaching the fact that a transgender is a lie and a myth.


      1. Hi there. You attempted to leave a comment on my blog post, “Why I Refuse to Apologize for My Son Wearing a Dress,” an article I wrote that has been featured content on the front page of The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project,” has been heard on NPR, among other well-respected international programs, as well as “liked” and shared by over a million people who are in total agreement with me. So, the fact that you’re a “business owner” and that you threaten your denial of services to transgender people does not intimidate me one bit. I have plenty of support; I don’t need to worry about not being able to grace your lovely business with my son who wears dresses occasionally because they’re more comfortable.

        To a address your specific comment, though, first, I never described my son as “transgender.” So, right off the bat you have already negated your argument about “transgender is a lie.” My child is not transgender, nor did I state that he was (although I’d have no problem with it if he were).

        You seem to have a basic misunderstanding about the gender spectrum in general. Allow me to educate you. There are 3 hallmarks of a person being transgender, which
        are: having insistence, consistence, and persistence. I clarified specifically enough for the naked eye to read that my child is not transgender. He is gender creative – something entirely different.

        Second, if you’d like to go back and edit your comment on my blog so that it uses correct grammar and punctuation, and actually makes some sort of coherent, logical sense, I am happy to publish it. Otherwise, if I allow your comment to be published “as is,” you will only embarrass yourself in front of a very large audience with your very poor grasp of basic English language and vocabulary.


      2. Hello,
        Your son is a boy and he will remain a boy the rest of his life so teach him how to be a boy.
        The fact is that any and all parents that teach their children like you son it is okay to wear a dress is pure evil and wrong. Yes that is called being a bad parent.
        You see you wrote an article and yes I read that article and I found you with many mistakes in what you stated.
        First thing was that you had no cite[s] to even back up your claim at all. Here is what a cite[s] are if you read this book I wrote and here is where you can find my book to read.
        Okay if you want me to say other wise or make changes then you must prove with cite[s] that would backup any and all facts with truths.
        I just gave you how to do it and i would like to see if you could do just that.
        The NPR are nothing but phonies and the rest like them. These groups have no cite[s] to even backup their claims of facts or proofs.
        Okay I would like to tell you a story of something that happen to me in 1968 that does deal with this very same subject, and it has to do with why I am against boys’ wearing a dress or dressing up to look like a girl. I would also like to point out that in 1968 I was 14 and a very shy boy as well, plus it had to do with doing a school play in which I did not even want to be in in the first place. In matter of fact I was forced to do it.
        The thing that I would say now is that in 1968 on September 7, 1968 there was feminist that did protest the Miss America Beauty Pageant, and part of that protest did deal with boys wearing a dress.
        Okay you state that you son is not a transgender. Well in truth you have forgotten the fact that a boy who does wear a dress according to definition is a transgender or a transsexual, or a transvestite, homosexual,cross-dresser, a sexual immoral, or one who loves or believes in sexual immorality, or even a pervert. Those are how a boy that wear a dress has been defined. Yes those are the definitions that I found and they are not my own definitions.
        You claim there are three hallmarks of a transgender, what are they? are they a cite[s]? can they be cited?
        I will like to ask and I may go over my post to you if I can tell you what happen to me as a boy in 1968 by a drama teacher and the principal of the school that I was attending in 1968.
        I am sure you can see my point very clearly on proof reading as well.
        Here is a hint to what happened to me in 1968. In stead of shop class I was forced into a all girls’ class only, and into a drama class in which I did not even want to take, and something that happened in that drama class. It would be a pleasure to tell you.
        By the way I have to say thank you for your response to me. I like all responses even if they are negative and full of hate, for I can respect that.
        Now I hope to hear from you and have a nice day too.
        So now you know i read you article too.
        Thank you


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