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Expose the Southern Poverty Law Center’s

We will continue our effort to expose the Southern Poverty Law Center’s effort to marginalize and ultimately silence the voice of Christians.

Part of the resources we raise are dedicated to continue our tracking and researching the ins and outs of the SPLC’s radical agenda, exposing it online at sites like SPLCexposed.com, monitoring their activities, and alerting families, Christians, and other concerned citizens about their destructive activities.

Exposing the SPLC’s radical agenda is one of the highest priorities we have here in 2018. Teachers, parents, and K-12 students can ill afford to substitute science and math with cross-dressing, gender-spectrum training, and same-sex dating skills.

These are the skills that the Public school system demands your children are to learn. In matter of fact, with cross-dressing, gender-spectrum training, and same-sex dating skills are the highest priority that your public school children are to be taught.  In matter of fact there is even training by the public school systems’ across America that every boy is to be trained to be a transgender, and to forbid boys to be males.

There is even as we are speaking right now that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s is even trying to make an effort to teach parents, grandparents, and other relatives, plus include Pastors, and Minister to teach and preach that it is okay that transgender is okay and the fact all males are not males but a transgender. They even claim God did not create human beings as just a male or female, but all human beings are both male and female making them a transgender. They claim they have proof of that.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s even says that if a private, church school such as a church school, home schools do not apply , try are prepared to sue and have that school shutdown, and have to children removed by force and the parents, Pastors, Ministers plus the school administrators arrest and sued for violating. The equal rights laws will be applied.

Note the reason for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s for doing this is to have and end hate, non-equal rights violation, and to bring about peace and unity. To be equal and to have equality for all, plus to eliminate the male gender is to say there is no such gender as a male, plus they claim this is part of the equal rights to have equality for all. Meaning every human being is the same. The idea that every human being is a female is to bring about equal pay and equal opportunity for all human beings.

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The News article you will not see on CNN, ABC, CBS,NBC, and other liberal News sources

The News article you will not see on CNN, ABC, CBS,NBC, and other liberal News sources

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell released an open letter yesterday to ABC News President James Goldston, warning him that if the two talk show personalities don’t apologize for bashing Christians, he’ll ask his millions of grass-roots activists to contact advertisers.

President Trump donated his 4th quarter 2017 paycheck to the Department of Transportation

The TV show, ‘The View’, is being blasted for an intolerant rant that criticized

Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith.

Say No to Weapons Control

It is so very interesting to see the Left Reich Media attack our freedom and liberty to even own a weapon if we choose so d, after the shooting in Florida. Plus and convict as man without even having a trail for the “shooter” What happen to Do process?
The liberals and democrats are no more than thugs and inch mob lovers and demand to execute people by mob rule.
The other fact is they blame the NRA and us true America Citizens that happen to believe in the U.S.Const.amend.II or better know as the second Amendment to defend ourselves from the so very evil mind liberals and democrats and their so call stupidity.
The problem that we have in the United states of America is not the weapons like an AR15 or other weapons as such. the problem are the idiots called the liberals, democrats and the left wing or better know as the left Reich media.
Yes it is to bad that there was a mass killing in a school in Florida, but that does not mean there should be a weapons control.
Now if a person does own a weapon such as a AR15 or a Machine gun legally that is okay and very acceptable, for that is or should be the law. No questions should even be asked. This is according to the U.S.Const.amend.II.
If the Republicans are going to be bullied by the liberals, democrats and the Left Reich media then they are no longer a conservative organization or political group. they are part of the Left Reich which are the liberals and morons know as the democrat.
Okay no weapons laws or law will even stop anybody from preforming a mass murder in any public School system in the United states of America. I even said this before if you notice all the mass shootings are in all public school systems in the United states of America. With that said and yes it is a fact that the problem has to the the education the public school children are getting.
Now there is only real salotion to end all mass shootings in all public schools systems.
The answer is bring God back to the public schools and this would end all mass shootings.
Note before 1963 there was no mass shootings in public schools, but after 1963 mass shootings has gone up over 300%., and will keep on growing.
The other thing is have all public school teacher to be armed with a weapon of choice. shoot the shooter before they can do a mass shooting.
Get rid of all gun free zones.
The one that I like is to end all public schools in the United states of America.It has been proven that all public education is a waist of time and energy and taxpayer money. The children are not even educated at all in all public schools any ways. It is not even economically sound to even open or have a public school system in America.
Home school is the best form of education in America and always will be.
I would like to point out that it is so very easy to make your own weapon of choice anyways. It is every so very easy to even make your very own ammo for your weapon of choice any ways too.
So to put a control on weapons is so very backwards, for the past history should to put a control on anything is so very dumb like you who are liberals, democrats and even you Left Reich media.
Note the person that has been charged doing the massing murders in Florida is innocent until proven guilty. That is the law of the land. But no liberal, democrat or even the Left Reich media knows that are even cares about that.
Yes I will continual to support the U.S.Const.amend.II and the NRA and any person that is willing to even make their own weapon.
Thank You. now you may respond to the blog.
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Genesis 1:27

It is in the name of God our Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Ghost be with you always through His One and only Son Jesus Christ who is our Lord and personal Savior. Amen.
Our sermon text is from Genesis 1:27, “27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
So where in verse 27 does it say God created a transgender?
The answer to that question no place and there is no place in the Bible where it says God created a transgender. None, for God makes it so very clear He never even created a thing called transgender.
So where does the idea of the thing called transgender come from?
The answer to that question is a lie told to us human beings by Satan himself.
Now Satan is the father of all lies, for he is the father of all lairs, and human beings do listen to each and even one of Satan’s lies and will obey Satan’s lies.
If you are one that says transgender is real and that God has goofed when it comes to being born the wrong gender. Then why are you listening to Satan’s lie and lying yourself?
The answer to that very question is you hate. You hate truth and you rather listen to a lie and accept a lie told to you by Satan.
The fact is you hate so much you say that all Jews and true believing Christians must be tolerant and have diversity to Satan are saying.
So you are one that hates truth, integrity; therefore you hate God, Jews and us true Christians, because we will not even be tolerant and have any diversity to the lie of transgender when there is facts, proofs and truth that God never even created the thing called transgender.
Note transgender is not even a being that even exist. Every human being is either a male or female.
Note; transgender is a nothing; therefore a transgender does not even exist. So where did the lie of transgender come from?
The answer you listening to Satan and believing the lie told to you by Satan
Now God is Holy and Righteous. This means God cannot sin nor goof or create anything that goes against His word. God will not even accept nor even be tolerant or have any diversity to sin and the sin of transgender, same-sex marriage,or LGBTQ or even the tolerance and diversity to these so very evil sins.
Now God does Accept Holy and Righteousness which none or we can say no human being is, but the only way we human beings can be Holy and Righteous like God is. All we need to do is accept and have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior and yes stop sinning and listening to the lies told by Satan. Especially the lie of transgender, same-sex marriage, and the lie of LGBTQ, and the lie of being a liberal.
Yes you can “claim to be a Christian as a liberal, transgender, same-sex married couple or even a LGBTQ be loved and to have tolerance and diversity, but you are not, for you hate to give up your sin. That makes you a liar like Satan is.
A true believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior would try to stop sinning. To stop sinning is the true peace that comes from God and is the true love that comes from God our Heavenly Father. This is the peace that has surpassed all human understanding, for Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior died on the cross to give us human being the grace and peace that come from God our Heavenly Father. Say Amen. Amen.
Okay when we go back to Genesis 1:27 and read that a human being is either a male or female. And you are born that way, for that is what you are conceived that way in your mother’s womb.
The transgender has caused many things such as hate, and making demands, requirements, mandates, or making it a mandatory thing to do what they want you to do.
Where I work has removed the men bathroom and made it into a transgender bathroom so that a lady can use the men bathroom, plus they said there is no such thing as a male, for they claim all males are in fact a female.
Walgreen and target have said the very same thing, for they believe in a lie told by lairs in order to please the LGBTQ, same-sex marriage, transgender, plus you who are a liberal who happen to listen and believe the lie of transgender.
The one problem is the LGBTQ, transgender, same-sex marriage couples and you who are liberals have never even proven what you even claim is truth and had the integrity to even prove one thing.
Now if you can even prove one thing without telling a lie that would be a good thing, but you will and can never even prove any facts you claim are truth.
The thing we have been asking you liberals for a proof, fact or truth that can even back up your claims, but see none that means you are a lair.
God has proven what He says is truth and always has back up what He has said is truth, for God cannot lie nor will He even tempt you to even lie.
God will not even tempt you to even sin, for He hates all sins. This means God does hate the sin of LGBTQ,transgender,same-sex marriage, and liberals.
Seeing that tolerance and diversity is a sin, God hates these sins too, for they are not even Holy or Righteous type of living.
Now God does want you to Repent and believe in the salvation that He has provided for us human being and that salvation is to just repent and believe in His one and only Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior. Say Amen. Amen
Do you want to live then Repent and have faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior. That is your choice to choose with way you are going to believe. Either you are going to believe in the lies told to you by Satan, or the truth that comes from God. Amen.
So choose you may not live top see tomorrow, for tomorrow maybe to late. Look what happen in Florida. Those children and some adults have died. Who knows and we will know if any of those who died in Florida are fellow believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior, for we will see them in Heaven with our God our Heavenly Father. Note He does not even want to see you die and be in Hell with Satan. Hell is just for Satan.
It does not matter how good of a human being you are, for you will fall short of the glory of God and His grace.
Grace from God is having you beleive in Jesus Christ as Your Lord and personal Savior. Amen.
Choose. Amen.

The News the Liberals and Democrat do not want you to know

News that the Liberals and democrats do not want you to know.
China is reportedly moving missile defense batteries and troops closer to its
border with North Korea, a potential sign that Beijing anticipates either a
large refugee wave or a military disturbance triggered by Kim Jong-Un.
Iran announced Monday it’s begun the mass producing of a new weaponized drone
that carries smart bombs capable of precision strikes.
People from around the world gathered in Washington, DC, yesterday morning for the 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes says there is evidence of
collusion with Russia during the 2016 election but it’s not with the Trump campaign.
says that the text messages between senior FBI
official Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who at the time were involved in an extramarital affair, are blowing the lid off a DOJ/FBI cover up that has the potential of being the biggest political scandal in American history.
Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, a friend and donor to Obama and Clinton, is
hiring an army of more than 50 political operatives in a major campaign to help
Democrats get control of the U.S.
House this year and remove Trump from power.A presidential tracking poll from Rasmussen has Trump’s approval rating at 48%.
On February 8 of 2010 under President Obama, his approval rating was 46% and his
disapproval rating was 54%. This means Trump is tracking 2 points higher than
Obama, and that’s with a media that’s 80% negative regarding the current
Thank you if you wish to reply please do so even if you are a liberal or a democrat.
Thank You

This May Sound Good?

This sounds like a very good idea that the State of Wisconsin legislators are coming up with by allowing the Local Governments to make their own laws and regulations.
In truth I am not sure about this idea, but I love it because the liberals and democrats hate the idea.
Yes the Constitution of the United States does say all local governments are to make their own laws in order to govern themselves, not that is just what freedom and liberty is all about.
A smaller State Government is just what is needed in order to bring about a stable economy in the first place.
Okay there is a problem here that needs to be addressed in order to allow all local governments to be free to make their own laws in order to govern themselves.
The very first thing is that all public schools have got to be closed and in order to have no more State or Federal aid.
Secondly, if the local governments want to have or even support any type of public school system they must provide the revenue in order to operate a public school system. Therefore they are responsible for raising the local property tax.
Thirdly, the local governments must maintain being accountable and have the responsibility to even run a public school system.That means discipline which no liberal or democrat even has. Ask them they are all morons any ways.
the other problem is now the local government could set up a minimum wage. The Communist labor union are demanding that the minimum wage is to be set a $15.00 dollars per hour. Everybody should know that the morons call democrats and liberals like this idea so that they can have high unemployment and have everybody on what is called entitlements by the government.
Now what about this idea of having the businesses set their own wages and forget about the evil thing called minimum and go to pay you what you are worth and band all labor unions completely. Labor unions are a communist idea.
Here is a good example to way we need to get rid of minimum wage in the first place.
I make $12.00 per hour at the place where I work, but I wish I only make $10.00 per hour instead. I would be very happy making less.
Now I happen to work in the Communist controlled City of Madison, Wisconsin. The Communist Dictator Mayor Paul Soglin. who hate freedom and liberty. Another words he is the biggest moron in the world okay in the State of Wisconsin. He hates businesses and hate all Veterans, for he even has omitted by saying he hate us United States Veterans. He has stated this in the 1960’s during the Vietnam War. He is even a draft dodger.
Okay the liberals and democrats are already protesting this idea of having the local governments control themselves. What morons are they, for that is even more proof that they hate freedom and liberty. For all they want to be is a so very lazy bunch of morons that want entitlements so that taxes can be raised to pay for their laziness.
Let see I would like to end state property tax, income tax and death tax. Heck I would like to end all local property tax completely.
Common scene, type of governing is need whereby the local governments control their own laws.
Thank You and you may respond to my blog if you wish.
Thank You